SJS Artists

The students in grades K-8 have spent the beginning of the school year studying some of the elements of art. The projects have focused on color, line, and shape and each project asks the students to incorporate some prior art knowledge into their finished product. Here is a rundown of what you may have seen or will be seeing from your students:
Color Wheel Creatures (grades K-2), Warm/Cool Initial Project (3-5), Warm/Cool Colors Magic Eye Effect Project (6-8)
Silly Hair People/Types of Lines (K-2), Jackson Pollack Line Landscape (3-5), Continuous Line Experiment (6-8)
Using shapes to create non-traditional jack-o-lanterns (K-2), organic and geometric shape collages (K-4), Tesselations based on the art of M.C. Esher (6-8)
Here are some samples of art from our SJS students. Also, please note- if your child did not receive a project back, it may be being held for our school art show during Catholic Schools Week in January/February. It is noted in Gradelink as well.
 art6 art5 art4 art3 art2 art1

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