3rd Qtr Art Class

During the 3rd quarter in the Art Room, we are focusing on using different mediums to make artwork. The students in K and 1 will have opportunities to use their fine and gross motor skills to work with traditional art materials such as crayons, markers, clay and finger paint. In grades 2-4 we began the quarter by working on some valentine projects and will continue by exploring form and space in a work of art. In grades 5-8 the students will be working with watercolor pencils and clay over the next several weeks, as well as reusing materials to create new pieces of art. The effort and engagement I see in the art room each week inspires me to challenge myself as an artist and as a teacher. It is truly amazing what the students create when they are given the opportunity to be curious, collaborate, have an open mind, and show resilience, even in the art room!

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