Just a little experimenting going on in 4th grade….

In honor of the Winter Olympics, on Friday, January 9th, SJS 4th grade students were placed in random teams of three.  Each team was given the task of creating their own ‘luge’ track.  Teams were given cardboard ‘tracks’, made from cardboard tubes cut in half.  Teams had to have at least two track curves, which proved challenging!  Each student created their own luge competitor with things such as beads, erasers, and paper clips.  Students then allowed each ‘competitor’ on their team to race, timing to see who completed the fastest and why.  Some competitors crashed and some got stuck before reaching the end.  Practicing resilience, students made modifications on their track and/or their competitor, hoping for improved results.  A lot was learned and students had fun!

Welcome to Quarter 3!

Hello to the third quarter of our 2017-2018 school year!  We have started our third book, “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, of which each student has their own copy and is reading in class.  In honor of the Winter Olympics, we will be having some friendly ‘competition’ of our own on the next few flex days, so stay tuned for pictures!

To align with how 5th grade late work is scored, for quarters 3 and 4, any work turned in late will have an automatic 10% deduction made from the score.  Please remember, though, that SOME points are better than NONE.

Lastly, in order to use our time to its maximum potential, Monday spelling pretests will no longer be administered.  Spelling worksheets will still be handed out to students Monday morning and due Wednesday morning.  The Friday test will be the only spelling test students now take.

Thank you and stay warm!

Classroom Supplies Needed!

Hello 4th Grade Classroom Parents/Guardians!

December is upon us and our classroom supplies are starting to dwindle.  We are down to three rolls of paper towels and about six tissue boxes.  If you could please donate another roll of paper towels and box of tissues, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


“Lunch With a Loved One” Pictures!

Fourth grade’s annual “Lunch With a Loved One” brought many family members to St. Joe’s!IMG_20171108_104717 IMG_20171108_104722 IMG_20171108_104736 IMG_20171108_104856 IMG_20171108_104820 IMG_20171108_104806 IMG_20171108_104756 IMG_20171108_104742 IMG_20171108_104922 IMG_20171108_104949

Students Become Marble Maze Architects!

IMG_20170915_131059 IMG_20170915_131124 IMG_20170915_131018 IMG_20170915_131047

“It’s a Jungle in There!” 4th Graders Create Room Decorations!

IMG_20170823_092848 IMG_20170911_133211

Happy Summer!

The 2016-2017 school year has just concluded.  I hope you are all ready for summer break.  I hope you find some relaxing ways to fill your time off, but don’t forget to keep your skills sharp.  This can be done in many ways.  Join a summer reading program.  All incoming fourth graders are asked to read and annotate Frindle, by Andrew Clemments.  You can add this to your log.  And don’t forget about math!  There are many free math games and activities available online to keep your brain active.  You can also enroll in Math Camp here at SJS.  I have added the information for this program below.