Extended Day

*extendedCoordinator/Director: Mrs. Denise Burns

Staff: Mrs. Kathy Beasley, Mrs. Carol Hayward, Mrs. Kim McGwinn, Mrs. Allison Koch, Ms. Annette Dier, Mrs. Chris Nickson and Mrs. Janice Jennings

Extended Day is open to students Kindergarten to Grade 5 in the after-school program and to Preschool students throughout the day.  These programs are open only to students enrolled at St. Joseph School.

Hours: 6:45 am to 6 pm

Grades: K-5

Registration Fee: $50 per family

PreSchool Fees: $6 per hour or $150 per week

Afternoon Fees:
2:30-3:00    $2.75
3:01-3:30    $5.00
3:31-4:00    $6.50
4:01-4:30    $8.00
4:31-5:00    $9.50
5:01-5:30    $11.00
5:31-6:00    $12.50

($2 per hour for an additional child)

On week days when regular school is cancelled due to holidays, conferences or bad weather, Day Care is also cancelled.

Phone: 440-665-8378 OR 988-4244