Money, group work, and the Constitution

Good afternoon parents!

What a great time we have been having in second grade! We did a good job on our first math test and have moved on to money! In our math books, the chapter consists of both money and time, but we will just be focusing on the money portion of the chapter for now. Please make sure you are reviewing how to identify coins, coin values, and how to count on for money.IMG_0408

Last Monday, our class celebrated Constitution Day, where we talked about what the Constitution is and why it is important that we have one. Afterwards, the students wrote a few sentences about why each student thinks the Constitution is important.



Finally, we have been working on how to work in groups in class. I am so proud of how much the students have progressed in group work. We started the year having a hard time staying focused and getting work completed, but now we are having AWESOME discussions together and working very diligently. We also are learning how to be kind when picking partners and politely telling our classmates if we already have a partner. I am so impressed! Keep it up second grade!IMG_0410IMG_0411

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