MLK and more

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through January already! We have some changes to our previously posted schedule. Due to all the crazy snow/cold days that we have had, the end of the quarter has been pushed back until next Wednesday, January 24th. Report cards will go home in the Wednesday folder on January 31st. Since the end of the quarter has been pushed back, we will still be trying to take our math test over subtraction strategies before the end of the quarter. Be sure to be practicing story problems and subtracting using compensation. These seem to be our areas that we struggle with the most so far.


Speaking of testing, we have started our winter MAP testing! Today we took the math portion, and I am so proud of how hard the class worked! They really took their time. Tomorrow, we will be taking the reading portion and the language portion next Monday.


Today in class we also worked on learning more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on our world. Tomorrow, we will be writing about our dreams for society. I will post some examples next week, so make sure to check back!

Welcome to January!

Hello again parents!

I hope everyone has had a very RESTFUL extra snow days! We are getting back into the swing of things with school and are looking to have our math test before the end of the quarter. It may be hard, but please try to stay on top of things! That being said, the end of the quarter has been pushed back. The end of the quarter is now Wednesday, January 24th, with report cards coming home on Wednesday, January 31st.

Our class worked on a collaboration project right before Christmas break that I could not be more proud of! We created a door decoration in small groups, then came together and created a cohesive class decoration.

IMG_0079 IMG_0081








IMG_0082 IMG_0086







December is near!

Hello parents!

It’s hard to believe that time is passing so quickly! We are working so hard in second grade and I could not be prouder! The students are doing so well at adding with the standard algorithm, I am planning on our test being next week, the week of December 4th. Please keep checking your students’ agenda books to see which day the test will fall on.


IMG_0451 IMG_0453 IMG_0452






The students are working very hard on a project about endangered animals. We spent some time researching and finding out more about some endangered animals and where they live. This project is in addition to our school store, which is going amazingly! So far our class has a profit of over $80! This week, we will be looking into improvements we can make to our store, so make sure to be thinking about this over the next few days!

IMG_0458 IMG_0459


IMG_0457 IMG_0456  IMG_0454

Finally, our First Reconciliation is just around the corner! As a reminder, it will be on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16TH at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are so excited for our first celebration of this amazing sacrament!

Rolling Along!

Our students are doing so amazing in class! I am so proud of what they have accomplished. Last Thursday we got to celebrate with pajama day and “drive-in movie” since we hit our goal of 10 marbles! I can’t wait to see what the students get to do when we hit our new goal of 15 marbles!

We have moved on from our money unit in math (the students did AWESOME on our test!) and are going back to addition strategies within 100. We will still keep working with money as we open our class store for the school! We are looking forward to our “grand opening” on Friday the 27th!

We have successfully completed 2 weeks of book clubs and I am so impressed with the students work ethic during this time! I am excited to continue working on book clubs throughout the year to keep improving our reading comprehension skills.


IMG_0417 IMG_0416

IMG_0415 IMG_0414

Finally, the students worked so hard on our last STEM project in class- a group effort to try to create the longest paper chain using only 2 pieces of construction paper, 1 pair of scissors, 12 inches of masking tape, and a ruler. The students were so creative during this learning opportunity and afterwards we got to talk about ways to improve the project if we were to try it again.











Remember, the grading period ends on Friday, October 27th! Turn in any missing work and work hard to keep those grades up!  IMG_0419 IMG_0418

Money, group work, and the Constitution

Good afternoon parents!

What a great time we have been having in second grade! We did a good job on our first math test and have moved on to money! In our math books, the chapter consists of both money and time, but we will just be focusing on the money portion of the chapter for now. Please make sure you are reviewing how to identify coins, coin values, and how to count on for money.IMG_0408

Last Monday, our class celebrated Constitution Day, where we talked about what the Constitution is and why it is important that we have one. Afterwards, the students wrote a few sentences about why each student thinks the Constitution is important.



Finally, we have been working on how to work in groups in class. I am so proud of how much the students have progressed in group work. We started the year having a hard time staying focused and getting work completed, but now we are having AWESOME discussions together and working very diligently. We also are learning how to be kind when picking partners and politely telling our classmates if we already have a partner. I am so impressed! Keep it up second grade!IMG_0410IMG_0411

An update on Math

Hello parents! Now that the school year is really getting rolling, it’s time to start preparing for our first math test! EEK! But have no fear; It will be all be okay! The best way to help your student prepare for our test (which looks like it will be next week) is to practice basic addition and subtraction facts. The (FREE) app “Xtramath” is a great way to practice on a tablet or computer. The students love working on this program and it really helps with math fluency. The entire test will be on basic addition and subtraction problems and it will help set students up for a successful year in math as well.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me at



Beginning of the School Year

Welcome back to school! Although we are all sad that summer is coming to a close, I am so excited to start a new year with your students!

At the school walk-through on Sunday the 20th, I had a video playing in my classroom of some frequently asked questions as well as some very important First Reconciliation/Communion dates. The file is too large to put onto my webpage, but you can access it via google drive by clicking here.

Using this page is the easiest way to see updates from me. You can access each week’s spelling list and other helpful information under the “Resources” tab. As always, the easiest way to contact me is via email at

Here’s to an amazing year and God bless!