May Crowning and other updates

Good evening parents!

I hope everyone is having a blessed last few weeks of school. I know that it can be hard to stay focused and give the final push through May and all of the events that it brings, but hang in there! We still have a lot to learn in the next few weeks.

Next Friday, May 12th is May Crowning and the living rosary. The second and eighth grade team up together to lead this event with perhaps a little bit of help from another class to have enough “beads” on the rosary. Below are a few bullet points of important information to know for that day.

  • Each student will have a reading portion in this event. While each reading part is only a line or two long, each child will get to participate.
  • The students may wear their First Communion outfits to school that day and bring a change of dress-down clothes/shoes to put on afterwards. If you send in hangers, we will make sure the First Communion clothing gets hung back up properly.
  • May crowning will begin promptly at 8 am. After the ceremony, the students will return to the school. Due to a conflict in the church, there will be no student-led Mass that day.

Next week’s spelling list is based on the theme of synonyms. For a copy of the list, please click here.

Thank you and God Bless,
Mrs. Hunker


I’m back!

Good afternoon parents! I am so excited to be back from maternity leave! Although leaving my little one is hard, today reminded me how much I love my job and specifically love my class. The students today made me so happy and filled with joy; they are truly a blessing to come back to.

Starting next week, we will be starting something called the MAP testing. This testing will replace the IOWA tests that we used to take. The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests are administered in 3 testing sessions (unless students need extra time) and self-differentiates based on each students’ needs. The students did a practice session today in computer lab and they seemed very excited about it too!

Jesus Day, originally scheduled for this Saturday, has been cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. We will do a modified version in school instead of a formal retreat. A letter will be coming home in the Wednesday folder with more information.

This week’s spelling list is all about abbreviations. Please make sure students practice capitalizing each abbreviation and putting a period at the end.

Again, I am so happy to be back. I missed the students so much, and I feel they have gotten so much bigger in the past few weeks!

God Bless!
Mrs. Hunker


Welcome to first week of Lent! It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for Christmas! Here are some notes about this week.

  • This week starts IOWA testing. We are focusing on listening/language this week and math next week. Please make sure your student is well-rested and eats a good breakfast for brain-food this week.
  • We will have a science test this week. A review packet that is coming home the day before is OPTIONAL AND NOT FOR A GRADE. It is very similar to the test we take in class however, so looking over the questions may not be a bad choice.
  • We are starting numbers within 1000 this week. You can practice at home by comparing numbers using “greater than” or “less than” and adding 100 or 10 to numbers mentally.
  • Ash Wednesday and school Mass is this Wednesday at 9:00 am.
  • A copy of this week’s spelling list can be found here.
  • Thursday is Donate to Dress down. We have raised enough money to build 1 house in El Salvador, and have found a donor that will match any contribution we make now. We are trying to raise enough to build 2 houses before school lets out. Thank you personally from me, and from the people of El Salvador, for all of the help you have given so far. You may never truly grasp the impact of how you are helping.

God Bless,
Mrs. Hunker



Just a few quick notes about Valentine’s Day, conferences, scholastic news.

*Valentine’s Day is a normal uniform day, but if your child would like to wear red or pink accessories over top of his or her uniform then they may.

*I will give the opportunity to pass out Valentines at the end of the school day. If your child’s Valentine came with an object (stickers, pencil, etc.) that may be sent home with the student, but no treat bags please. Your student may also write the name of each classmate on the Valentine if they would like.

*Scholastic News orders and payments will be due next Friday, February 24th. I will be placing the order over that weekend.

*Conferences are this Thursday by teacher or parent request. If you would like to sign up for a conference but have not already done so, please click here.

*We will not have a spelling list this week or next due to the shortened week.

We are almost at a long weekend! Let’s try to push through the next few days of learning before we give our brains a vacation :)


Welcome to a full week! It felt like it would never come! Here are some updates for the week.

*Our spelling list this week focuses on the -ea spelling of the long ‘e’ sound. To access the list online, please click here.

*Thursday, February 16th is conferences. These conferences are optional or by teacher request. To access the conference sign up times, please click the following link:

*We have ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS to help us focus our learning. Some of our current essential questions are as follows:
-Math: How can I solve problems about counting money or telling time to the nearest 5
-ELA: How can non-fiction text features help my comprehension?
-Science: What are the parts of Earth?

*Finally, standardized testing starts on February 27th. My goal is to finish all testing (both regular and make-up for absences) before I go on my maternity leave. The best way to help your child prepare for these tests is to get in a regular habit of getting a good nights’ sleep and a well-rounded breakfast. All other preparations are handled in class.

God Bless!
Mrs. Hunker


Good evening parents!

I hope you all enjoyed the snow day today! Here are some notes for the ongoing week.

*This week’s spelling list has to do with the vowel team -ee which makes the long ‘e’ sound. To access an online copy of the spelling list, click here.

*We will have a math test this Wednesday over different subtraction strategies. Our homework tomorrow night will be excellent practice for the test. Please make sure to review with your student on how to solve each problem.

*On Thursday, school will be cancelled to allow any students or staff members that would like to attend the funeral of Mrs. Spanski can have the opportunity. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

*If you have not brought in any gummy candy for the military, please consider bringing in a donation tomorrow.

God Bless,
Mrs. Hunker


Welcome to the second week of third quarter! I hope everyone had a restful weekend and is ready for another fast-paced week of school! Here is a general outline of this week in second grade.

Spelling-This week in spelling we will be covering “ai” words. These words may seem easier than last week since it covers the long “a” sound, but can be tricky in context of our natural writing. Pay attention to words with these spellings to try and incorporate it into our daily writing. An online copy of this week’s list can be found here.

Math-In math, we will be finishing up the last few lessons in Topic 6. Our test is set for next Tuesday the 31st. If you are worried about studying for the test, please practice mixed addition and subtraction problems at home both with and without regrouping.

ELA-We are finishing up our unit on Folktales, Fairytales, and Fables this week. We will have a test on Friday. Please review concepts like Main Idea, moral, lesson, and message at home to help your child prepare.

Social Studies- We will be finishing up our unit on maps and locations by this Friday as well. To help your child prepare at home, review concepts such as absolute/relative location, border, countries, continents, states, map reading skills, and concepts about natural resources and recycling.

Also, please remember that this Tuesday the 24th is a donation dress down day to help the 6th grade fund-raise for their terrarium and aquarium project.

God Bless,
Mrs. Hunker


Thank you to everyone that attended the 11 o’clock Mass this week! I had so many parishioners complement our class after Mass. Everyone really helped show how truly special our school is. We have another school Mass on Saturday the 14th at Nativity at 5:30. I hope to see you all there as well.

This weeks’ spelling list covers suffixes of -ing and -ed. This weeks’ list is a little trickier than previous weeks, so we will be trying some new spelling practice homework as well. To view this weeks’ spelling words online, click here.

This week in Language/Reading, we are starting a unit on Folktales. This unit will last for 2 weeks roughly. We will be starting a new unit in Social Studies covering Geography and Mapping. And in Math, we will be starting subtraction with regrouping, including the standard algorithm.

Soon, we will be starting a new Religion book preparing for First Communion. Before that, we will be covering different types of prayers, but I hope to start Communion preparation as soon as the new books come in. This will hopefully allow for First Communion prep to be completed or almost completed before I have to go on maternity leave.

God Bless!


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school and what is sure to be an amazing new year! I will try really hard to keep this update from getting too long.

*On Friday, we will be doing a final test over fossils. In class, we will be doing reviews and I hope to send home a study guide on Thursday to help any final preparations for the test. The test will be rather short, so hopefully not too stressful for anyone!

*On Thursday, we do have a donation dress down for Operation Rescue. Please help us build a house for those less fortunate in our world.

*On Sunday the 8th, the second and seventh grade will be leading the 11 am mass. If you normally come to this Mass or know that you will be there, please fill out the RSVP being sent home tomorrow with your student. All students from the school are welcome to sit in the choir area to sing, but if you verify that your student will be at the Mass I can assign a part such as: lector, usher, greeter, offetory, etc. Please know that I can only assign parts to students that have filled out the form to commit to the Mass.

*No spelling words this week :)

*The end of the quarter is next Friday the 13th. If you have any questions about grades, it is best to contact me before then. You can access gradelink by clicking here.

*Finally, a new scholastic book order will be coming home soon with the due date attached. Please consider buying some books for your student. They can really come in handy if we get any snow days!

God Bless!
Mrs. Hunker


Good morning parents!

Welcome to another Wacky Week before Christmas break! Hopefully this post won’t get TOO long with all the changes to our schedule and updates.

*This week’s spelling words will be contractions. The students should be familiar by the end of the week that the “comma” that is up in the air is called an apostrophe. Make sure to quiz them at home at what two words make the contraction, especially for irregular words like ‘won’t’. A copy of this week’s list will be available by the end of the day.

*Due to the Christmas concert and other disruptions to our weekly schedule, Library this week will be on Thursday instead of Tuesday and computer lab will be on Friday. Otherwise, our weekly schedule is more consistent with last week.

*On Friday, I will be quizzing the students over the lessons learned in Topic 2 for math. If the students do well, it will be entered as a math test grade. If the topic went too quickly for most of the students, it will be entered as either a classwork or homework grade (weighted lower). Please make sure to review concepts like even and odd numbers, arrays, and repeated addition with your student at home.

*Finally, on Tuesday’s Christmas concert, we will be sitting as a class in very tight quarters. Please keep your child’s coat in the row with you instead of with your child in their seat. It will make things a little more comfortable for us.

God Bless and enjoy some pictures from our “Spelling Battleship” and “Fossil Rub” activities we did in class last week.

img_4938 img_4939 img_4940 img_4942 img_4947 img_4949 img_4950