The biggest school fundraiser is our 30 Reasons to be Thankful


Nov 2016 Winners

Nov 30th: David Ditzel. Sold by: Markruski Fam.

Nov 29th: Rosemary Cardina. Sold by: Cardina Fam.

Nov 28th: Polly Odelli. Sold by: Szczepanik Fam.

Nov 27th: Sol Demich. Sold by: Demich Fam.

Nov 26th: Ronni Michalski. Sold by: Solis Fam.

Nov 25th: Alexys Zambrana. Sold by: Alverson Fam.

Nov 24th: Nancy Siclair. Sold by: Abraham Fam.

Nov 23rd: Mark Heuener. Sold by: Bennett Fam.

Nov 22nd: Danielle Csanady. Sold by: Csanady Fam.

Nov 21st: Cynthia Potter. Sold by: Lewellyn Fam.

Nov 20th: James Staveski. Sold by: Staveski Fam.

Nov 19th: Bill Barry. Sold by: Kuhnle Fam.

Nov 18th: Andrea Dodson. Sold by: Alverson Fam

Nov 17th: GFS. Sold by: Moff Fam.

Nov 16th: Sal Sofra. Sold by: Hopkins Fam.

Nov 15th: Diane Sockel. Sold by: Dooley Fam.

Nov 14th: Jessica Triana. Sold by: Rimbert Fam.

Nov 13th: Gary Dinger. Sold by: Dinger Fam.

Nov12th: Andrea Dodson. Sold by: Alverson Fam.

Nov 11th: Jack Routh. Sold by: Routh Fam.

Nov 10th: JJ Koziura. Sold by: Aumend Fam.

Nov 9th: Rose Reynolds. Sold by: Makruski Fam.

Nov 8th: Kathy Smith. Sold by: Markuski Fam.

Nov 7th: Tony Paul. Sold by: Varndell Fam.

Nov 6th: Julie Hunady. Sold by: Makruski Fam.

Nov 5th: Donna Blake. Sold by: Staveski Fam.

Nov 4th: Mary Primm. Sold by: Makruski Fam.

Nov 3rd: Jan & Jerry Lauer. Sold by: Lauer Fam.

Nov 2nd: Eddie Moff. Sold by: Moff Fam.

Nov 1st: Alishe Stewart-Pecine. Sold by: Stewart-Pecine Fam.


For every 25 units of blood collected during a blood drive held at the school or the parish, St. Joseph school will receive a grant of $500. Contact the parish office at 988-2848.

Sign-up for a Fun Funds Account at GFS to receive a discount card.  10% of total purchase every time you shop will go to St. Joseph School.

Recycle paper in the paper bins located on the east side of the St. Joseph parking lot and at Amherst Drug Mart.  SJS will receive the benefit of your donation. Contact the parish office at 988-2848.


1% of qualifying purchases will be donated to St. Joseph School.

box tops


Each box top is worth 10¢ and box tops can be turned into the school office or in the collection bins at the back of the church.  Contact Bridget Seng with any questions at 986-2721.

Send in UPC codes to earn points for our school.  Clip only the UPC code NOT the entire label. St. Joseph School redeems codes for merchandise.

gianteagleGIANT EAGLE
SJS code is #3495.   All points earned through purchases can be redeemed for merchandise.