Charlotte’s Web STEM Activities

While reading the novel Charlotte’s Web, the student’s participated in a STEM activity.  The student’s were asked to construct a pig pen for Wilbur using only the supplies given.  The students could use, glue and tape, sticks, pipe cleaners, yarn and foil.  The base off all pen’s was a cardboard square.  The pigpen had to upright, and big enough for the pig.

Building Wilbur's pig pen

Building Wilbur’s pig pen


Building the pig pen


The next STEM activity that the student’s participated in was to construct Charlotte’s web including a word that described Charlotte.  The supplies to choose from included a paper plate, hole punch, a cardboard square, white yarn, tape, glue and a plastic spider.  The one requirement was the written word had to be in created in the web and not attached to the plate or cardboard.

Making Charlotte's Web

Making Charlotte’s Web


Web building

The most recent unit in science covered Earth and its features.   The student’s were asked to create two landforms and a water feature out of salt dough that was made at home.  They designed, created and painted the land and water appropriately over several class sessions.  The written part of this project had the student’s writing about and explaining their design.

In concluding the study of earth, student’s used the left over salt dough to create a sculpture of the layers of earth.  They used different colors to represent each layer and then completed the earth by giving it continents and oceans.  When everything was dry, they designed a key to represent their work.

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