2016-2017 Classroom Wish List

29 same size plastic shoe boxes with lid

4 boxes of quart size ziplock plastic bags

Any craft paint, brushes, gems, beads, yarn, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, pom poms

Small broom and dust pan

Hand Soap for classroom sink

Laundry basket for lunch bags

Indoor recess games

8 of the same size milk crates (any color)



Classroom  Garden—152572BES   ($24.95)

EZ Store Privacy Shields Junior—159057BES    ($29.99)      These are great during tests!!!!!

Rubber Stamp Kit—160822BES   ($28.20)     Great, quick way to communicate!!!

Book Baskets, 6 sets—128968BES     ($13.00 per set w/three or more)

3 Tiered Bins, two sets—161266BES    ($149.99)

Ready to Decorate 3-D Balloons—161154BES   ($14.85)

Reading Series 5 Book Set—160157BES  (($24.95)

If you are able to purchase any item from this wish list, please know that your child and future third graders will continue to benefit from your generosity.  Thank you!