Kicking off the new year!!!!

Physical Education –

– kindergarten through 2nd grade will be practicing movement activities such as rhythm, dance, animal games and cooperation based games

– 3rd though 5th grade have been working on a range of team building games that require critical thinking as well as working together to accomplish a common goal

– 6th through 8th grade have been focused on different team based sport games where our main focus is transitioning into football


Health –

– kindergarten has been working on overall safety in activities

– 1st grade has been practicing fire safety

– 2nd grade has begun oral health and teeth care

– 3rd grade has started basic body systems and organ identification

– 4th grade has been discussing ways to handle and respond to hazards and disasters

– 5th grade has been learning more in depth about the skeletal system including the different bones in the skeleton and being able to identify all of the major joints in the body

– 6th grade has been focusing on personal health with a primary focus on the skin as well as hygiene practices

– 7th grade has been discussing the importance of rules and equipment during a sport to maintain safety and effectiveness during a game and they have worked with a partner to create a sport of their own by mashing together two completely different sports.

– 8th grade has been learning how to identify and respond to major injuries in a common setting situation. this includes heart attack, stroke, severe bleeding and sprains/fractures