What we are learning in the final quarter of the year!!!

Health Class


 Upper hall – learning about the influence of illegal drugs in society.  Including study on commonly abused drugs such as marijuana, misconceptions that revolve around marijuana, and how it changing currently in our legal system.  We are also investigating illegal drugs that are on an incline in use with heroin being our main focus.  We are investigating current solutions to reduce the use of heroin and solutions for secondary complications that occur from Opioid use.

 Middle grades -

       4th and 5th grade – have been discussing communicable and noncommunicable diseases.  we have been investigating the way communicable diseases spread and what we can do to prevent the spread to and from other people.  We will also look into the factors that can increase a persons susceptibility to developing a noncommunicable disease. In the final weeks we will be diving into identifying and preventing the possibility of major injury and the steps needed to respond in an emergency situation

        3rd grade – we are researching and investigating common household dangers and situations that could put them in danger and what are safe things to do that could help the situation and what would increase the risk of injury.

        1st and 2nd grade – we have been practicing different ways to resolve conflicts between family and friends.  We have been trying different ways of looking at an argument and what it means to “step in someone else’s shoes” or “look at things from a different perspective”

        Kindergarten – we are talking about germs and illness and what we need to do in order to keeps ourselves healthy and not spread disease if we are sick.

What are we doing in PE and Health

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd Grades, have been practicing two separate dances. Tony chest nut and Go Bananas

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In 8th grade Health we have been going over the anatomy of the eye and the ear and going in depth on how the eyes and ears work. 8th graders are required to know how light travels through the eye and is processed through the different parts ultimately presenting us with what we know as sight.