Final Quarter!!!

We have stepped into the final quarter of this year and my how fast this year has been.

Being that spring has sprung (partially) we will be moving onto more large space games such as soccer and softball and grades 4 through 8 will be practicing different skills and strategies of each game and how the mechanics of each game applies to their fitness.

3rd grade will be participating in cardiovascular endurance activities that involve many different aerobic activities such as distance running, speed work, and different forms of exercise.

2nd grade has been working on skills that look at fitness and activity in new ways including group puzzle solving, spacial awareness and group team activities

1st grade has been practicing different games that challenge their ability to throw and catch different varieties of balls at stationary and moving targets while some have a defender and others don’t.

kindergarten has started practicing balancing activities and have practiced different points of contact and how it impacts their balance as well as how different animals use different points of contact for their balance.


In health each group of students has been learning different areas of their own health as well as the health of those around them.


8th grade has been discussing mental illness and how it can impact a persons life and will soon discuss the way that media and society can impact mental illness in different individuals.

7th grade has been discussing the body’s immune system and how it responds to and fights off different pathogens that enter the body as well as the different ways our immune system adapts and improves.

6th grade has been discussing nutrition and will be working with to help them plan and develop a nutritional plan for their lives.

5th grade has been discussing remedies for illnesses and they will be conducting a poll to check to see how peoples opinions on medicine have been influenced.

4th grade has been discussing community health and the different things that impact or change the community and environment around all of us and what we can do to maintain or improve both.

3rd grade has been discussing nutrition facts and how using a guide like the food pyramid or myplate can guide nutrition intake on a day to day basis.

2nd grade has been learning about different influences on diet and how family, friends, and media can change what we eat and how our habits change.

1st grade has been learning about stranger safety and they will practice identifying trustworthy adults and adults who they should be careful around.

kindergarten has been working hard with learning their different food groups while identifying and categorizing different foods into their proper group.