Hello February

With this year passing us by quickly and so many skills to learn, we keep pressing on and working to improve.

In Physical education all of the students have been enthusiastically driving to improve their abilities in all of our games.

In Kindergarten and first grade the students have been participating in games that practice different balancing skills, working as a team to solve problems, and having to be patient when waiting their turn.

Second grade has been working to improve their ability to throw and manipulate different kinds of objects towards targets in many different pirate themed games.

Third grade will be finishing up basketball shortly and moving on to practicing basic skills in volleyball.

Fourth grade and Fifth grade have been working on manipulating objects with another item in games such as hockey.

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade have just started working in team games with our primary focus on Volleyball.


In Health we are working on a variety of different topics with many of them being directed towards improving our personal wellness or avoiding illness.

Kindergarten has been working on the importance of a healthy classroom and home.

First and second grade have been learning about the way germs work in our world and how we can avoid getting sick.

Third grade has been learning about the importance of their mental health and what may influence their self-esteem and self concept.

Fourth grade has been learning about their immune system and how it fights off different kinds of microbes.

Fifth grade has been learning about the nervous system and how the brain interacts with the world around us

Sixth grade has been on the topic of nutrition learning about the main nutrients their body needs to utilize.

Seventh grade is wrapping up their unit on drug abuse and misuse by presenting their information in a personalized puppet show.

Eighth grade just wrapped up their unit on tobacco and has moved into the unit on other major drugs and their impact on their age group.