Color fun!

Wow!! What a great day! The kids participated in our annual “Rock the Challenge” field day event – with a colorful twist this year! During their final run of the day, kids were blasted with bright, colorful powder from their loving teachers!!




6th grade CSI

The 6th grade had a blast this morning using the chemical and physical properties of various white powders to try and figure out “whodunnit”! This activity comes at the end of our chemistry unit, where students learned to identify various properties of materials, and also the signs of a physical or chemical change.

IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654

Rock Climbing field trip

We had a BLAST rock climbing today! It was absolutely wonderful to see the kids encouraging each other, giving high-fives, and conquering their fears! Here is just a handful of the (literally) hundreds of pictures I took!











Feeding the geckos

We’ve had a bit of trouble getting our little gecko friends to munch on their crickets like they’re supposed to… so we’ve ordered a new food source that’s supposed to be ideal for hatchling geckos! While we wait for it to arrive, it’s chicken baby food (mixed with their reptile vitamins, of course) fed with a dropper.




Almost there!

Happy Spring Break!!!

The 6th grade class has been hard at work putting together their terrarium and aquarium, and the excitement is contagious! We will be installing the plants and animals as soon as we get back in April!


6th grade terrarium project update!!

It’s finally time to start assembling our aquarium and terrarium! The first round of supplies have been purchased. We will be setting things up over the next week or so, and installing animals as soon as we return from Spring Break!



6th grade leading mass at Nativity

The 6th grade class has been chosen to lead the 5:30 mass at Nativity Parish on Saturday, March 11th. We will be greeting parishoners, acting as lectors, and taking up the gifts. Your child is strongly encouraged to attend in uniform if possible.

A note was sent home Friday afternoon asking each family to RSVP their attendance. If you have not submitted the form already, I am requesting that each child RSVP one way or the other by this Friday, March 3rd.

7th grade dissects owl pellets!

The 7th grade had a blast wrapping up our study of ecosystems by dissecting owl pellets! An owl pellet is a regurgitated pellet of undigested fur, feathers, skulls, and bones of prey animals. Dissecting these pellets allowed us to make connections to the food webs we studied in our chapter, as it showed us how many different species end up as food for a barn owl.


IMG_0631 IMG_0630 IMG_0626 IMG_0622

Building an Ecosystem

IMG_0583 IMG_0582

The 6th grade class is elbow-deep in our next big project – building our very own terrarium! As a culminating project to our unit on ecosystems, the 6th grade students are designing a terrarium for our school. The students have been researching, planning, and problem-solving in their efforts to produce the best terrarium design. They will create a project proposal, present their idea, and then begin the work of obtaining materials. They are loving the independent nature of this project!! Be sure to stop in during our Catholic School’s Week Open House on January 29th to see which design(s) were chosen!

6th grade goes to camp!

The 6th grade had a wonderful, albeit RAINY, few days at Camp Christopher in Bath, OH. We learned all sorts of awesome things, such as how to read a compass, the importance of communication, collaboration, and concentration, as well as some cool Civil War history! Be sure to check out our album on the SJS Facebook page for more pictures!