Water, water, everywhere!

6th grade spent Tuesday morning creating this model of the distribution of water on Earth. Many were shocked to learn that of all the water on Earth, only 0.6% is fresh, accessible water. 97% is salty ocean water, and the remaining 2.4% is fresh water that is frozen in glaciers or ice caps. Amazing!

We used some of our new math skills, and multiplied whole numbers by a decimal in order to figure out the exact amounts in our scale model. We started with 10,000mL of water to represent the total water on Earth. We went on the figure out that with that scale, the amount of fresh water is 300mL, and the amount that is accessible to us is a mere 60mL!


6th grade is preparing for their role in the whole-school PBL with a discussion of alternative energy! Since this is a relatively new topic for 6th grade, we first had to figure out what we already knew, and what was left for us to learn.



“Whirled” Peace

In preparation for the International Day of Peace this Thursday, the 6th grade class partnered with the 1st grade class to make pinwheels! These pinwheels will be displayed around our SJS campus- be sure to keep an eye out for them!


8th grade team-building and problem solving!

So far this year, the 8th graders have been discussing various problem-solving methods, including both the scientific method and the engineering design cycle. Today, as part of a hands-on mini project bringing the design cycle to life, the students were challenged to create a pyramid out of the cups without touching the cups. They were given a series of items to use to assist in moving the cups. The other caveat was that every member of the team had to be involved in the moving of the cups. It took some figuring, but eventually, everyone got it!





Welcome back!!



It’s been a great first couple of days here with the new 6th grade class! We’re excited to see what the year has in store for us!!

Color fun!

Wow!! What a great day! The kids participated in our annual “Rock the Challenge” field day event – with a colorful twist this year! During their final run of the day, kids were blasted with bright, colorful powder from their loving teachers!!




6th grade CSI

The 6th grade had a blast this morning using the chemical and physical properties of various white powders to try and figure out “whodunnit”! This activity comes at the end of our chemistry unit, where students learned to identify various properties of materials, and also the signs of a physical or chemical change.

IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654

Rock Climbing field trip

We had a BLAST rock climbing today! It was absolutely wonderful to see the kids encouraging each other, giving high-fives, and conquering their fears! Here is just a handful of the (literally) hundreds of pictures I took!











Feeding the geckos

We’ve had a bit of trouble getting our little gecko friends to munch on their crickets like they’re supposed to… so we’ve ordered a new food source that’s supposed to be ideal for hatchling geckos! While we wait for it to arrive, it’s chicken baby food (mixed with their reptile vitamins, of course) fed with a dropper.




Almost there!

Happy Spring Break!!!

The 6th grade class has been hard at work putting together their terrarium and aquarium, and the excitement is contagious! We will be installing the plants and animals as soon as we get back in April!