SJS 1st Graders…… Running Pumpkins thru a series of tests

IMG_0280This past week at SJS our 1st grade class read the book “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever” by Steven Kroll.  We wrote about what they would do if they had the biggest pumpkin ever in English.  As many young minds do, they had a wealth of curiosity about this subject.  On Flex Friday they took on the challenge!  1st graders began with the question, “What is the largest pumpkin on recored and what can I learn from it?”  The Students started their research by finding the weight of the largest pumpkin in the world, in North America and in Ohio, all while gaining some Social Studies knowledge along the way.  They then examined the life cycle of a pumpkin and what it would take to grow a giant pumpkin.  Later, students put pumpkins through a series of tests, using Math & Science skills.  The 1st grade students at SJS gained an immense amount of knowledge through this cross-curricular project all while building a love for learning.

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