Innovation Challenge

Mrs. Eads presented the entire school with the challenge of innovating a lunch box and the first graders took to the challenge with great excitement. By pure coincidence, one of our students had a problem with her lunch box just days prior.  An item in her lunch box had leaked all over the contents of her lunch and ruined all of her food.  That day our heroines in the cafeteria came to her rescue and provided her with a delicious hot lunch, but the first graders wondered: how could we innovate the lunch box so that this problem could be avoided in the future?  As the light bulbs started to turn on, I started drawing what they were describing on the board.  Their ideas were so amazing at times it was hard for me to keep up, but here’s what they came together to create.

First, the lunch box would have two sections where wet and dry items would be held. Then, the wet storage area would be divided into two more compartments where hot and cold items would be separated.  The cold would be kept cold by a cooling pack that would slide down into a side and the hot would be kept warm by a heating pack that could be warmed in a microwave and slid down into the opposite side.  The students were inspired by warming packs that are heated in this way to sooth aches and pains.  One of the students then thought of the huge mess that was created when this occurred and suggested that each of the wet storage areas be lined with a removable, washable, seal-able liner. Lastly, another student thought of how lunch boxes are also hard to store at home, especially when you have multiple.  This brought about the idea that our innovated lunch box would then be able to fold down flat when carried back home or stored when not in use.

Now, please pause for a moment and try to picture me (not an artist) feverishly drawing and trying to keep up with all of these great ideas!  Mrs. Tran and I were so impressed that we then sent the students’ idea on to a Design Engineer who rendered these drawings.

Lunch Box

If you ever wondered what we do on the Flex day, this is it. Simply put, we are inspiring each student to reach for their maximum potential because when we do…this is what they do!

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