Divisibility Rules!

The sixth grade spent some time creating a flip chart to help them learn divisibility rules, without having to do long division.  Having these charts has assisted the class in determining if numbers are prime or composite.  This skill is essential when finding the prime factorization of numbers!

Analyzing Primary Sources

This week, the eighth grade learned about events that lead to the American Revolution.  One of the main events was the Boston Massacre.  The students analyzed different primary sources including newspaper articles and images and noted differences in which group was portrayed as the aggressor.  We discovered the images and texts created right after the incident were used as propaganda to persuade colonists to join a certain side of the Revolution!

Spirit of Independence Hall of Fame – Who to Induct?

Here’s a sneak preview of the eighth grader’s nominees for the “Spirit of

Independence Hall of Fame”!  Final projects to be unveiled at our

St. Joseph Parish School Open house this Sunday from 12-1:30!

Come cast your vote for who should be inducted!

10 Commandments Activity

During our first religion class back from Christmas break, the eighth grade class played a game reviewing the Ten Commandments!



Check out this link to complete your Alternative Energy Webquest for our whole school PBL!!!



8th graders! 

Click here to learn about the ‘O Antiphons’ that we use in the masses before Christmas!

O Antiphons

Panther for a Day Shadow Form

If you are attending the Shadow Day at Elyria Catholic on Friday 10/27, please fill out and submit the form below!


EC Form

8th Grade Dance!

What a wonderful job our eighth grade students did on their dance this year!  Here’s the link so you can watch it again and again and again!


8th Grade Pep Rally Dance!

8th grade yogis!

IMG_5411 IMG_5412IMG_5414IMG_5413

The eighth grade got a jump on celebrating the International Day of Peace by entering in a peaceful state of mind while doing some beginner yoga poses.  We were introduced to some partner balance poses among many others.  They excelled at focusing on their breathing, and their set intention for the session.  A big thanks to Margaret DeConcini for leading our practice!

Patriot Day

Interactive 9/11 and Ground Zero Timelines