The sixth graders did a little hands on learning to determine the height or altitude of acute and obtuse triangles.  Aubrey is representing the height of the triangle because her head is acting as the vertex that is opposite from the base of the triangle.  Her body is the perpendicular distance from that vertex to the base of the triangle.  Aubrey’s height is the height of the triangle! Great job sixth grade!


Week of February 27

This week marks the official beginning of IOWA Testing!.  We’ll be testing at different times each day throughout the week, and possibly into next week. 

Wednesday March 1 – Ash Wednesday 9 AM Mass and ashes (no mass Friday March 3)

Thursday March 2 – Donate to dress down for Operation Rescue


6th Math:  We’re heading into the second half of Topic 10.  Expect the test to be mid-late next week!

7th Math:  We just started Topic 6 on Populations and Sampling.  Look out for a project where students need to create their own survey, population, and sample!


Image result for pi




Here’s some extra practice to help you prepare for your test on Topic 8 this week.

The word problems provided here need to be solved using GCF or LCM, it’s your job to determine which to use!

Good Luck!

GCF vs. LCM (medium)

GCF vs. LCM (hard)

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing winter break.  Here is what to expect in the next few weeks!


8th Grade

  • Writing a “break up” letter from the 13 colonies to Great Britain: students are annotating a list of grievances based on the Declaration of Independence and relating them to relationship problems that might cause a split!
  • Begin writing reports on Confirmation saints
  • Math test 13 Tuesday Jan. 10
  • Math Vocabulary test Friday Jan. 13
  • Confirmation Retreat Saturday Jan. 21

7th Grade

  • Test on Topic 4 Thursday January 12!

6th Grade

  • Divisibility rules “foldable” to use throughout Topic 8 (Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple)


Make sure any make up work is turned in before the end of the 2nd quarter (Friday January 13)

Christmas Math!

Seasons Greetings Upper Hall Math Students and Parents!

Great news!  Christmas Math IS BACK! What is Christmas Math you might ask?  Well the purpose of Christmas Math is…

  • To provide math practice over the long Christmas vacation
  • To keep math skills sharp
  • To help retain concepts recently introduced
  • To insure better test scores on assignments and tests taken before the end of the second grading period (which ends January 12!)
  • Last but not least, offer the students EXTRA CREDIT! for second quarter math grades!

Students will receive their packets at the end of the school day on Tuesday, December 20.  All details of the assignment are provided on the PDF below. 

Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Have a Blessed Christmas Season!



Freedom of the Press!

Crash Course Video

Spring Field Trip!

Image result for perry's monument

We have officially booked our spring field trip to Put-In-Bay for Friday May 26, 2017

- Deposit of $50 is due Thursday 11/17

- Second payment of $45 dollars is due by Wednesday April 5

The itinerary for the day was sent as an email attachment.  If you cannot find it, cannot open it, or would like a hard copy on hand, please email Ms. Mullins!


Patriot Day Lesson

Expanding Our Knowledge of the Attacks on 9/11

9/11 Interactive Timeline

Math Pictionary!

We’ve made it through two weeks! CONGRATS EVERYONE!

Seventh grade had some fun in class playing a review “Math Pictionary” Game.  Ryan and Megan were especially creative, helping their classmates guess the words “ordered pair”, “rhombus” and “y-axis”.  Way to think outside the box seventh grade!

IMG_4257IMG_4259 IMG_4258Image result for emoji laughing

Order Form Link – 8th Shirts

Here is the order form for the final T-shirt!

Enter your student’s shirt size, and your payment information.  I will be notified when the last order is submitted and they have updated shipping information.  The shirts will be shipped to me and I will pass them out at school!

Email me with any questions you may have!

Custom Ink Order Form