This week in music….


Kindergarten & 1st grades are learning and reviewing STEADY BEATS! We used our bodies to move to the beat ans then pulled out the Rhythm sticks to play the beats!

2nd Grade spent their first day of music learning the difference between Beat vs. Rhythm.

3rd Grade is reviewing note values and time signatures.

4th grade was introduced to our first Improv game called “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” We also started to review singing the scale and Solfegge. And the best part??? The kids were already¬† note¬† reading and able to play the theme from STAR WARS on the Boomwhackers!!!


5th Grade was thrilled when I pulled out basketballs :) We used the balls to demonstrate time signatures and dribbled ” in time”! It was awesome!

Grades 6-7-8: Introduced to our Worship Song Series. Also began acting and Improv games and discussed the goals for the year!!

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