Parent Information

  • Friday, December 15th @ 7p.m. in the Church
    Friday, December 15th @ 7p.m. in the Church
  • December Homework lab Mondays & Thursdays: 4, 7, 11 and 14
    December Homework lab Mondays & Thursdays: 4, 7, 11 and 14
  • Coming to St. Joe's Feb 23rd/24th. Auditions Jan 13th 1pm in the Social Hall
  • Need a login e-mail Mrs. Csanady at Logins are sent home with your child.
  • "FACTS" Tuition System. Click here for link



SJS Text Messenger sign up information:

Enter this number to: 81010

Message this:  @sjspare

You will receive a verifying message, follow instructions, and then you will be in the group messaging.

Thank you to everyone who support this years “30 Reasons to be Thankful” calendar raffle.


November 1st: Jean & Don Soy (seller: Cioffi Fam.)

November 2nd: Renetta Rimbert (seller: Rimbert Fam)

November 3rd: M. Marshall (seller: Tran Fam)

November 4th: Rob Given (seller: Moff Fam)

November 5th: Lawrence Jordan (seller: Scanlon Fam)

November 6th: Michele Flanagan (seller: Hutsenpillar Fam)

November 7th: Denise Blatt (seller: Abraham Fam)

November 8th: Sarah Hall (seller: Makruski Fam)

November 9th: Michael Robinson (seller: Lewis Fam)

November 10th: Pat Michalak (seller: Michalak Fam)

November 11th: Dominic & Jerry d’Agostino (seller: Roztas Fam)

November 12th: Chris Wagasky (seller: Moff Fam)

November 13th: Dean Ollar (seller: Abraham Fam)

November 14th: Kathy Thompson (seller: Thompson Fam)

November 15th: Missy Clark (seller: Baker Fam)

November 16th: Gretchen and Michael Cioffi (seller Cioffi Fam)

November 17th:  Erica Williams (seller: Roeder Fam)

November 18th: Dan Rector (seller: Wilkinson Fam)

November 19th:  Dana Haney (seller: Lauer Fam)

November 20th: Wendell Brown (seller: Abraham Fam)

November 21st: Melanie Young (seller: Michalak Fam)

November 22nd: Patti Wasniak  (seller: Cogar Fam)

November 23rd: Anne Burkett (sellar: Crossan Fam)

November 24th:  Susan Oldrieve (seller: Mencke Fam)

November 25th:  Debi Sebok  (seller Morrison Fam)

November 26th:  Chanin Miller (seller Moff Fam)

November 27th: Louis Sanchez (seller Abraham Fam)

November 28th: Art Jaskiewicz (seller: Jaskiewicz Fam)

November 29th: Alicia Taylor (seller: Redden Fam)

November 30th: Shelly Scarvelli (seller: Michalak Fam)

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