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4yr old sept letter


4 yr old Sept 2010 cal

schoolImportant dates for the 2017-2018 school year

Friday, September 1st Beach Fun Day. Children should wear sunscreen and sun glasses  to school.If weather cooperates we will go outside to do fun beach activities and yoga. I f weather does not cooperate we will go to the Gym. Have your child bring in a beach ball and towel. Please write your child’s name on the items.

Don't forgget our fun Beach day!

Don’t forget our fun Beach day!

Monday, September 4th no school Labor Day.  Enjoy this long weekend with your child.


2017-2018 Preschool 4 year old Handbook 


Ohio Department of Medicaid:Healthchek Services for Children. For more information click here

Enrichment Activities for the Fall

1. Visit your local Library and learn about different activities you enjoy.

2. Visit local Metro Parks and learn about nature. Take a walk,ride a bike,participate in the neat programs. Look for the changing leaves.

3. Practice writing letters and numbers outside with sidewalk chalk.

4. Identify and classify different leaves and letters when you are out for a walk or on a car ride.

5. Set up a reading tent with parent help and ask them to read you a story.

6. Count the number of different colored cars when you are riding in the car

7. Enjoy ice cream and identify different colors and count all the different favors in an ice cream store.

8.Go to a Farmers Market and pick out different fresh vegetables.

9.Draw beautiful pictures of all your favorite outdoor activities.

10. Keep track of your favorite sports teams scores.

11. Ask your parents to read stories to you about what you are interested in.


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