Take a look and see what we’ve been up to!!


Enjoying end of the year activities. We loved the alphabet Picnic Game.

Children loved learning about the library classroom routine and technology routine in Kindergarten.



We loved learning about flowers in the sunny weather.


Preschool parents painted Preschoolers’ feet pink. We made a Spring Bunny.


The children loved being Irish for a day! We loved hearing the Bagpiper and learning how to dance.


Preschoolers loved their Valentine Party. Thanks so much to all the parent helpers. We appreciate everything you do!!


Children loved constructing a Wholly Mammoth with our Lorain County Metro Park friends and Seventh grade helpers.

Preschoolers enjoyed constructing a Triceratops dinosaur with their Seventh grade friends. Lorain County Metro park lady named Meredith taught us about this dinosaur.

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