4 year old news (3 day class)


PreK thru 8th GRADE   

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         Dates to Remember:

4yr old Afternoon Class

Welcome to Saint Joseph Preschool.  It was nice to see so many past and present Saint Joseph families and the walk thru and parent information meeting.  And we are just that, a Preschool family.  We play, we learn, and we grow together.  I am looking forward to having a great year of fun and learning with your child.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.  My door is always open.

The first few days of class we will be working on learning the classroom rules and routines.  We will play outside, learn new songs, introduce the “Pledge of Allegiance”, and learn the days of the week.  Along with getting to know our new Preschool family, our classmates.  The rest of the month we will focus on learning the different shapes, through games, stories, and art projects.  We will also learn “The Shape Song”.

Please not that we have Music every Friday in either the music room or the classroom with Mrs.  Agostin.  Gym is on Wednesdays in the big gym, outside, or in the classroom.

In Religion we will . . .

     * learn about ourselves, the world, and God, who made everything

     * learn about the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them don into you”.

       Simply put, “Just be nice”.

     * be learning a monthly prayer (a copy will be provided).  Please practice this prayer with

        your child beginning and ending with the sign of the cross


4yr. (3 day) Show and Tell



Show and Tell 4 year old Afternoon Class

Wednesday, September 6th – Jackson B.

Thursday, September 7th – Kinsley B.

Friday, September 8th – Logan C.

Wednesday, September 13th – Anthony D.

Thursday, September 14th – Winter F.

Friday, September 15th – Riley G.

Wednesday, September 20th – Nicholas H.

Thursday, September 21st – Kathryn K.

Friday, September 22nd – Armin M.

Wednesday, September 27th – Mari R.

Thursday, September 28th – Alexandra R.

Friday, September 29th – Abigail S.

Enrichment Activities

1. Practice having your child follow simple directions.

2. Read books to your child and have them retell the story.

3. Have your child count toys when they are cleaning up.

4 Have your child practice identifying letters in their name, letters on signs   and in books.

5. Take your child to the library and to story time.

6. Invite new Preschool friends over to practice sharing toys and taking turns.

7.  Attend some of the Lorain County Metropark summer activities, such as safety town.