Letter From The Principal


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Dear Parents, Students, and Friends of St. Joseph School,

 It has been a pleasure watching our school building fill with students! The staff here at Saint Joseph Parish School has been planning this year for months and we are very eager to start making our dreams come true. I encourage our school families to become involved in your child’s education as much as possible- talk to them about their school work, focus on their interests and their successes, and remain positive about all of the things they are learning and the ways they are growing.
    Last Friday, the whole school met together in the MPR for the first time. We spent a little bit of time learning about training our brains for growth and having a ‘growth mindset’ over a ‘fixed mindset’. A growth mindset allows failure to help set future goals, it allows criticism to shape our next step, and it allows the success of others to help inspire success in ourselves. We also watched a short video from Coach Theo, the coach that helps us Rock the Challenge each May. He talked about a failure he’s recently had and how he used that experience to ask God what is next for him. As we ended, I asked the students to reflect on what is next in their school year. Where do they want to go? How are they going to get there? This may be a good discussion piece for families as well!
    I look forward to see what is next for each of us this school year and as always, each of our students and their families are in my prayers.



Mrs. Amy Makruski
Principal, Saint Joseph School