October 20th update

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have been very busy in English class!

Eighth graders are studying Edgar Allen Poe and recently finished reading “The Tell-Tale Heart.” For their first quarter reading project, they had to design a new book cover, write a summary, provide details about the characters and setting and include some important quotes from the story. They turned out great!!


The seventh graders recently had to research a Greek god/goddess/hero and make a keynote about him/her. They then had to write a myth centered around their Greek god/goddess/hero. These are the gods/goddesses/heroes that were chosen:


Also, the sixth graders have been writing narratives centered around the beginning sentence, “I opened the front door very carefully and…” They are really coming up with some creative ideas for their stories!!

Finally, sixth and seventh graders have been working on a Child Labor project during our FLEX days. We read an article about child labor and students have been assigned a country where they have to research child labor. Based on their research, they will be making an iMovie documentary featuring child labor in that country! I think we all feel very thankful for what we have after learning how children are living in other countries!!

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