Techno Day!

Last Friday, the 6th, 7th and 8th graders visited Lorain County Community College for a Techno Day! The students visited their Fab Lab where they were able to engrave their own dog tags. They also took an electronics class and a computer digital forensics class.

Electronics class:

Fab Lab:

Happy Easter!

The 7th graders made Triduum booklets and reflected on the events from Holy Thursday through Easter. Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Easter! Have a safe and fun spring break!

6th grade landmark projects

The 6th graders recently wrote a research paper on a famous landmark, memorial or monument. They also had to make a scrapbook page displaying key information and pictures on the landmark they chose.

Honoring our veterans!

During Catholic Schools Week, the students, teachers, and staff of St. Joseph School spent some time honoring our nation and our veterans during a special assembly led by our principal, Mrs. Makruski. The 7th grade students wrote an acrostic poem to show our gratitude to all of those who have served. Here is the poem:

V – very strong and brave to protect our country and freedom

E – everyone strives to protect and fight for their country

T – together they make America stronger, no matter what

E – extraordinary soldiers defending our country

R – racing to save our country from harm

A – always ready to help & risk their lives to protect the people of our country

N – never giving up on keeping our country safe

S – serving our country and defending our freedom at all costs

Keys to Succeed

Happy Catholic Schools Week! This year’s motto is Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed. The seventh grade class brainstormed ideas on what it takes to be successful and we designed our door based on what they came up with. In addition to the keys, the words on the stars were taken from our school’s mission statement. Check out our door!!


The 7th graders recently completed a project where they had to research a famous person, write a research paper, and create their person from an aluminum can. The projects were extremely creative and informative. Their famous people included: St. Teresa of Calcutta, Chris Kyle (Navy SEAL), Audrey Hepburn, Mahatma Gandhi, Ed Sheeran (singer), Carrie Underwood (singer), and Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots football player).

Can-a-character class photo

November 15th update

The 7th graders have been working hard on their “famous person” research papers and recently began working on a project in social studies about an aspect of Ancient Roman civilization. In religion, students are continuing their Confirmation preparation with our Chosen program along with learning about how Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

The 6th graders are enjoying the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen that we just started reading last week. They are also finishing up the Child Labor research projects that we have been working on during FLEX days. Both the 6th and 7th graders have put in a great deal of effort and time into these Child Labor projects. I am so very proud of them. They will be presenting their documentaries to each other next week! It will be exciting for them to see and share their final masterpieces with each other!

Pajama Day Fun!!



October 20th update

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have been very busy in English class!

Eighth graders are studying Edgar Allen Poe and recently finished reading “The Tell-Tale Heart.” For their first quarter reading project, they had to design a new book cover, write a summary, provide details about the characters and setting and include some important quotes from the story. They turned out great!!


The seventh graders recently had to research a Greek god/goddess/hero and make a keynote about him/her. They then had to write a myth centered around their Greek god/goddess/hero. These are the gods/goddesses/heroes that were chosen:


Also, the sixth graders have been writing narratives centered around the beginning sentence, “I opened the front door very carefully and…” They are really coming up with some creative ideas for their stories!!

Finally, sixth and seventh graders have been working on a Child Labor project during our FLEX days. We read an article about child labor and students have been assigned a country where they have to research child labor. Based on their research, they will be making an iMovie documentary featuring child labor in that country! I think we all feel very thankful for what we have after learning how children are living in other countries!!

International Day of Peace

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, the 6th, 7th and 8th graders made origami peace cranes and wrote a quote about peace on them. We then hid them around downtown Amherst with the hope of spreading peace around the community. While taking a group picture, our Mayor, Mark Costilow, invited us into Town Hall for a quick tour. The students appreciated him taking the time to chat with us and also really enjoyed picking the perfect spot around town to hide their peace cranes!

Peace cranes     Town Hall 6-8