Position:  STEM Coach

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Education from Bowling Green State University

Email:  aeadssjs@yahoo.com

Voicemail:  (440)988-4244 ext 330


I work with students from kindergarten through grade 8.  Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade participate in STEM Lab.  It provides our younger students an opportunity to work collaboratively and practice the design cycle and Engineering Habits of Mind.  The students in grades 3-8 come to me for Genius Hour.  Genius hour provides the students an opportunity to work on a project they are passionate about. This project begins with a driving question that the students will answer through research. Once the question is answered, the students will present their findings to their class or another appropriate audience in any form the students choose.

In addition to STEM Lab and Genius, hour I also provide support and resources for the teachers in our building with any Problem Based Learning or design challenges they are working on with their students.