Library Trip


Our trip to the library was so much fun! We listened to two Thanksgiving stories and then we were able to make a turkey centerpiece and a Thanksgiving card.

The Three Little Pigs



Kindergarten has started reading and learning about fairy tales. We read the book The Three Little Pigs and then the students were asked, “Can you build a house that a big, bad wolf can not blow down?” They all agreed that they could and were given 12 dots candies, toothpicks, and a paper plate with a pig taped on it. They had to build a house for their pig using all of the candy and as many toothpicks as needed. Before they began building, they had to work together and plan what their house would look like. They used a planning sheet and drew a picture of what it would look like. After planning, they started building and then brought their house to the big bad wolf. (hairdryer) Their houses were then tested to see if they could withstand the big bad wolf and they all did!


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Animal Habitats

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Kindergarten has been learning all about animals! We learned about what animals need, the type of body coverings they have, how some animals are the same and different, where animals live, and how animals grow and change. We did lots of comparing and contrasting with animals. On a Flex day we researched animals together. We read books about animal homes, watched a Magic School Bus video on animal homes, and then I gave each group of students a picture of an animal we learned about. They had 3 jobs to complete during this. The first was to talk about where the animal would live, then they had to draw a picture of what their animal habitat would look like, and lastly they had to build the animal habitat out of modeling clay. They practiced working together and some groups had to change their plans to be able to create the habitat. Once all groups were finished building their habitats they presented them to the class.

Guest Reader


Today we had a guest reader from the Amherst Public Library. We enjoyed having her read us the book, Library Lion and are very excited that we each recieved our own copy of the book!



We love using our STEM bins! Whenever we have a few extra minutes, we get out the bins and students work together. The STEM bins are filled with different materials and task cards. They may have to build a tower using pipe cleaners or a trap using play dough and popsicle sticks, but  they only get to use the materials in the bin to complete each task.

Scholastic Book Order for October

Somehow I have misplaced the Scholastic book catalogs for October. If you would like to order books this month you still can. Please have the books ordered online by October 27th.




October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Rhyme Time

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This week we have been learning about rhyming words. Today we learned about words that rhyme with look, which is one of our sight words, so we made puppets named Bob to show us words that rhyme with look. They had a great time using their puppets to come up with other rhyming words.

Our Kindergarten Constitution

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This week we learned about the Constitution by watching videos, singing songs, reading a poem, and making our own classroom constitution. After we wrote our classroom constitution we signed it using our handprints. We also learned about our founding fathers and made puzzles.