Getting ready for Easter!






Kindergarten made Jesus Loves Me Flowers.




Kindergarten is learning the proper way to pray the Rosary in religion class.


New Year, New Sight Word!!!

Updated Kindergarten Sight Word List:

Please make sure to practice reading and writing with your child!

-red               -one          -am         -the
-orange            -two          -from       -in
-yellow            -three        -a          -we
-green             -four         -they       -I
-blue              -five         -can        -said
-purple            -six          -was        -is
-pink              -seven        -see        -you
-brown             -eight        -she        -have
-white             -nine         -go         -for
-black             -ten          -to         -this
-gray              -down         -like       -are
-white             -what         -and        -my


Short-a word list:
-cab    -bad   -bag   -ram  -tap
-crab   -dad   -drag  -can  -snap
-gab    -mad   -nag   -pan  -hat
-grab   -lab   -flag  -van  -mat
-tab    -had   -tag   -tan  -rat
-nab    -glad  -clam  -fan  -sat
-jab    -sad   -slam  -map  -fat

Short-e word list:
-bed    -spell   -when  -sled
-fed    -sell    -then  -red
-led    -yell    -bet   -fell
-shed   -well    -get   -hen
-sped   -tell    -met   -vet
-bell   -den     -pet   -net
-shell  -men     -jet   -wet

Short-i word list:
-big    -did    -bill    -bit
-dig    -hid    -fill    -fit
-fig    -kid    -will    -pit
-jig    -bin    -chill   -wit
-pig    -pin    -dip     -sit
-wig    -fin    -hip     -quit
-rig    -win    -ship    -lip

Short-o word list:
-blob    -dog    -bop    -cot
-bob     -clog   -cop    -dot
-glob    -frog   -mop    -lot
-job     -hog    -top    -not
-sob     -fog    -drop   -spot
-cob     -jog    -stop   -tot
-rob     -smog   -pop    -hot

Short-u word list:
-cub    -drum
-rub    -gum
-bug    -hum
-dug    -sum
-mug    -bun
-rug    -nun
-tub    -sun

Kindergarten is starting centers this week. Each center works on skills that have been taught so far. Students also learned how to scan and work with QR codes, for mathematics and reading. Here are examples of the QR code cards

QR Code Examples

QR Code Examples















The Feast of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day


Happy St. Nicholas Day! Today in religion we read the story about St. Nicholas and made stockings. We talked about the people in our lives who remind us of St. Nicholas. With your child tonight, please try to do one of the activities on the St. Nicholas handout that is located in your child’s take home folder.

Have a blessed night!

We also listened to the story of the candy cane in church today that was read by Mrs. Linn. Each student received a candy cane. Please read this to your child to review what the candy cane symbolizes.

Sight word flash cards. Students should keep them in their take home folders and practice daily. We will be adding more cards as we learn new words.


This is our current sight word list for you to practice at home with: sight-word-list


As we get ready for the holiday, Kindergarten has had a full week of activities revolving around Thanksgiving. This week we talked about the story of Thanksgiving and made Thanksgiving story bracelets. The story bracelets taught the students the story of Thanksgiving and the true meaning behind it. I encourage all families to take time this holiday and read the booklets with your children and allow them to explain to you what each bead represents.
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our 1st grade class by having a Thanksgiving feast! The kindergarten class has made turkey hats to wear at the feast in celebration of the holiday.
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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

We will be using ClassDojo in the Kindergarten this year.   By using ClassDojo, you will be up to date on news and activities in the classroom and school.  If you have any questions please contact me.