Animal Habitats

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Kindergarten has been learning all about animals! We learned about what animals need, the type of body coverings they have, how some animals are the same and different, where animals live, and how animals grow and change. We did lots of comparing and contrasting with animals. On a Flex day we researched animals together. We read books about animal homes, watched a Magic School Bus video on animal homes, and then I gave each group of students a picture of an animal we learned about. They had 3 jobs to complete during this. The first was to talk about where the animal would live, then they had to draw a picture of what their animal habitat would look like, and lastly they had to build the animal habitat out of modeling clay. They practiced working together and some groups had to change their plans to be able to create the habitat. Once all groups were finished building their habitats they presented them to the class.

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