Groundhog Day

We spent our afternoon learning all about groundhogs and what groundhog day is. After talking all about groundhog day we went online and found out that Phil saw his shadow and we will have 6 more weeks of winter. We created our own groundhogs and drew pictures of ourselves in the winter and spring but circled the winter picture to show that winter is sticking around. After we completed our project, we did a STEM activity. Our groundhog was lost so students had to work with a partner to create a new burrow for him. They were given a groundhog and tape. Then they had collaborate with their partner choose cotton balls, tissues, popsicle sticks, or dominoes to build the burrow. The burrow had to be big, cozy, and safe for the groundhog. After completing the burrow they had to draw and write about their burrow. We displayed some of the burrows on top of the cubbies by our STEM wall.

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