We Are Ready For Summer!!

Kindergarten spent their day before the last day of school at the library and park. We walked to the library where we were read some awesome books and got to dance around, and then we got to hang out in the kids section and check out books, play on the computers and iPads. After we left the library we went to the park and ate lunch together and got to play.

We are ready for our last day of school, Rock the Challenge, graduation, and of course SUMMER!!

Amherst library is also doing a summer reading program. Reading every 4 hours earns 1 free book. 12 hours=3 free books and a chance to win a party at Altitude!!! These is a great way to promote students love of reading. You can sign up at the library for this program.

I am also sending home a file folder with summer enrichments. The file includes: Step up to First Grade Math lessons, a list of sight words, sign up for Xtramath, (if you haven’t done so) summer fun activities to do. Also, this year I also read the students Magic Tree House books after lunch everyday. We ended on book #30- students may want to check out the remainder of the books to read over the summer.


I hope everyone has a great summer! Don’t stop reading, writing, and practicing math!

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