Creative Minds At Play

A group of students collaborated and built the ABC’s using wooden blocks.

Free play is a time students are given to build, create, and explore materials in our classroom. Many children use blocks, Lincoln logs, legos, foam blocks, and tangrams, art supplies to create many things and use their imagination.

Write the Room

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During Math and Language Arts time, students were up and moving as they did an activity called write the room. During these activities students are given a recording sheet and have to go around the room and answer a question. In Math, they went and found ten frames and counted the mittens in a ten frame and wrote the answer on their paper. In Language Arts, they went around the room and found pictures of objects and had to sound out the word and write it down. The students love doing write the room activities!

The Gingerbread Man STEM


After reading the book The Gingerbread Man, we discussed other ways the Gingerbread Man could have crossed the river safely. We came up with the idea that he could have built a boat to cross river. Students were paired with a partner and were given foil, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and tape to build their boat. (The had to use popsicle sticks or toothpicks to make a sail) After they built their boat they had to put the Gingerbread Man in it and see if their boat would make it across the river. Many boats sank the first time so students went back to their seats and fixed their boat so it would float.

Merry Christmas


Arctic Research


Kindergarten learned about all different kinds of habitats in Science and then voted on a habitat they wanted to research. They were then told that we would turn our library into the habitat we chose and present our research to another class. (This was very exciting to them) The Arctic won our vote and we quickly began our research. I had read the Magic Tree House book, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, and there were many facts from that book that we remembered which helped us begin our research. We watched many videos on the weather and animals that lived there. We looked at books from the library, found articles online and read them, and used QR codes to scan and get information on Polar Bears and Penguins. After we completed our research and had many discussions, students were paired with a partner to present information about the Arctic. They worked with their partner and decided what facts they wanted to share, we practiced, and then turned our library into the Arctic. On Friday the 8th graders, Miss Mullins, Mrs. Makruski, Mrs. Eads, and Mrs. Whiteman came in to watch them present their Arctic project. They did an awesome job researching and presenting all of the information we had learned!


Classroom Supplies

Some students supplies are beginning to run low. Crayons and dry erase markers (fine tip) seem to be the supplies that are quickly running out. We can also use more pencils for the classroom as well. I will be sending home a note with supplies your child needs before Christmas, but if you ask them I am sure they will tell you what supplies they need. (If you do purchase Crayons, a 24 pack of regular sized crayons will be fine. The twistable crayons seem to break and run out easily.)

“Stem-Tasctic” Friday


Our Friday started with talking about collaboration. We then collaborated with classmates to stack and then build a tower with plastic cups. The students could not touch the cups with their hands, they had to use a rubber band that had string tied to it to move the cups. They learned that they had to talk with their group and agree on when to pull the strings and where to put the cups. Kindergarten has also worked on collaboration by drawing one picture with a partner that could only have 1 Christmas tree, 2 snowman, 5 snowflakes, 4 clouds, and snow on the ground. Before completing that project, they discussed how important it would be to make a plan before drawing and to make sure they agreed on what they would draw before they began.


Our day ended with design cycle practice. Last week a special elf, that we named Buddy, came into our classroom from the North Pole. When he arrived we read the book, Elf on a Shelf so today the students were asked “Can you build a shelf for an elf? They took a few minutes to think of a plan. Then they were each given an elf that they had to color, could cut out, and then fold him so he would be able to sit. Once that was completed they were all given a small container of Play-Doh and popsicle sticks. They had to use at least 5 popsicle sticks and the Play-Doh to build a shelf for their elf. Once they built the shelf, they had to put the elf on the shelf to make sure he could sit there. If the shelf fell over or the elf didn’t fit on the shelf they had to go back and try again.

Library Trip


Our trip to the library was so much fun! We listened to two Thanksgiving stories and then we were able to make a turkey centerpiece and a Thanksgiving card.

The Three Little Pigs



Kindergarten has started reading and learning about fairy tales. We read the book The Three Little Pigs and then the students were asked, “Can you build a house that a big, bad wolf can not blow down?” They all agreed that they could and were given 12 dots candies, toothpicks, and a paper plate with a pig taped on it. They had to build a house for their pig using all of the candy and as many toothpicks as needed. Before they began building, they had to work together and plan what their house would look like. They used a planning sheet and drew a picture of what it would look like. After planning, they started building and then brought their house to the big bad wolf. (hairdryer) Their houses were then tested to see if they could withstand the big bad wolf and they all did!


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