All About Matter


Kindergarten has been learning about Matter in Science. We have identified the 3 types of matter and began talking about how matter can change. For this lesson we used paper as an example. We discussed that we can cut, fold, tear, and bend paper. We talked about how the paper looked and felt when we changed it. After we discussed how matter can be changed, we created projects. The students were able to create whatever they liked as long as they changed the paper by cutting, tearing, bending, or folding it. They got really creative and made many awesome projects!

Planting Seeds

A Master Gardner visited our classroom and presented us with information about seeds and plants. We got to see the worlds biggest seed, smallest seed, felt soil, mixed soil, were read a story about a seed, and finally got to plant seeds. They were very engaged during this presentation and had a lot of fun learning and planting seeds!

Kindergarten Loves Numbers!

Our current math topic is all about counting numbers to 100. During our lesson we filled in missing numbers in a hundreds chart and even filled in a blank hundreds chart. As we wrapped up our topic we spent time working with hundreds charts. We had centers set up in the classroom and each group was rotated through them. We worked together to build a giant hundreds chart, used number tiles to make a hundreds chart, and played a game called flip and find. These activites helped us review skills and collaborate.

Last Scholastic Order Of The School Year!

Image result for scholastic book clubThere were 3 book catalogs that were sent home on Friday. This is the last book order for the year. I am submitting the order on April 30th. It is a great time to buy books for your child to have to read over the summer!

The more you read the more you know! -Dr. Seuss

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Our class code is: R84MB

St. Patricks Day

This week we learned about the meaning behind St. Patricks Day and then did fun activities. We made trinity shamrocks, did a shamrock syllable activity, practiced counting by finding out how many gold coins were in the pot of gold, read books, and built leprechaun traps. Friday ended with the leprechaun visiting our classroom and leading us on a hunt to find the pot of gold!

Super Readers

Kindergartners are doing an awesome job reading sentences! We have been practicing by using the pointer to read sentences. Each student gets a turn and comes up to the board and practices their assigned sentence, reads it to the class, and then the whole class reads it together.

Star Reader

This week we started doing something called Star Readers since we are becoming great readers in Kindergarten! On Monday, I randomly select 2 students to be this weeks readers. The readers will then choose a book that they will practice reading all week and then they will share this book to the class on Friday. Our first star readers did an awesome job reading their books to the class and they got to sit on the pillows we made from our recent design challenge.

All About The Earth

This week we began learning about the Earth. We learned that the Earth is made up of three things: land, water, and air. We started with learning about the land and what is on it. We discussed rocks and pebbles and then went over their characteristics. We then became scientists and used a magnifying class to look at the characteristics of rocks and pebbles. Students then collaborated and put them into a group of rocks and a group of pebbles. After they were sorted they then had to choose a rock or pebble and share something about it. (color, size, texture, and tell us if it was a rock or pebble) We will go on to build mountains out of clay and learn about the different types of water on Earth.