Rhyme Time

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This week we have been learning about rhyming words. Today we learned about words that rhyme with look, which is one of our sight words, so we made puppets named Bob to show us words that rhyme with look. They had a great time using their puppets to come up with other rhyming words.

Our Kindergarten Constitution

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This week we learned about the Constitution by watching videos, singing songs, reading a poem, and making our own classroom constitution. After we wrote our classroom constitution we signed it using our handprints. We also learned about our founding fathers and made puzzles.

Our Letter Hunt

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We read the book Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel and went on a letter hunt with pirates. After reading the book, the students got to go on their own letter hunt using pages out of magazines. The searched for a letter, cut it out, told me their letter and then glued the letter onto our poster. We had so much fun practicing letter identification!

Our First Flex Day!


Kindergarten spent their first flex day learning about the design cycle, going to a STEM lab, and doing a STEM project in our classroom. This week we had read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After reading the story we made a list of problems the 3 bears and Goldilocks had. We came up with the idea that if Goldilocks had a comfy bed at her house she would not have had to sleep in baby bears bed. The students worked in groups to make a bed for Goldilocks. They had to use all of the materials that were given in their bag. They learned that some beds they made did not work and had to go back and try to build it again. They also learned a lot about working together.

If You Take A Mouse To School


This week we focused on retelling stories using pictures and words. We read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, If You Give A Mouse A Muffin and If You Take A Mouse To School. After we read, If You Take A Mouse To School we retold the story using words. We then finished the sentence, If you take a mouse to school… then we made a mouse to put onto our paper.

Sight Word Practice



Every day we review all of the sight words we are learning. We review them by spelling them, using them in sentences, playing I Spy on the board to find them, or do worksheets with the words. Today we wrote our sight words with a write crayon on a rainbow and then used watercolors to paint our rainbow and reveal the words.

Scholastic Book Orders


September is quickly approaching. Just a reminder that Scholastic Book Orders are due September 27th. The link will take you to our class page where you can order books. If you order books your child will be sent home with them when the order arrives at school.


September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity


On Friday we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in class then did a activity to go along with the book. The students made a coconut tree and spelled their names. We began working on coloring nicely in the lines, cutting on the lines, following directions, and spelling and writing our names. Their work is displayed in the hallways!!

Let’s Get Fit


Since we start Math first thing in the morning, I like to get them moving so they are ready for the day. The students love doing our Let’s Get Fit Count to 100 and Count by 5′s video. They are doing great! (These videos can be found on Youtube if you would ever want to play them at home. We also love watching and moving to the left and right robot song and phonics videos!)