Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity


On Friday we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in class then did a activity to go along with the book. The students made a coconut tree and spelled their names. We began working on coloring nicely in the lines, cutting on the lines, following directions, and spelling and writing our names. Their work is displayed in the hallways!!

Let’s Get Fit


Since we start Math first thing in the morning, I like to get them moving so they are ready for the day. The students love doing our Let’s Get Fit Count to 100 and Count by 5′s video. They are doing great! (These videos can be found on Youtube if you would ever want to play them at home. We also love watching and moving to the left and right robot song and phonics videos!)


I have sent home the first homework assignment that needs returned to school. Inside of your child’s folder you will see a label that says left at home and right back to school. The homework that needs returned will be placed on the right side of the folder. We are working hard at learning our left and right and will make sure the homework that needs returned is placed on the right side. Also students have a My Letter Book in their folder, please make sure you are going over the letters and their sounds every night! Reading for 15 minutes or at least one book a night is also beneficial. As the year progresses I will send home reading logs to be filled out nightly. Please make sure you are going over the sight words because those are assessed every Friday. I have posted all of the sight words we will learn this under the resource page if you would like to work ahead with your child. Make sure you are reviewing all of the sight words we are learning.

Sight Words

Every Monday students will be introduced to 3 new sight words. We will practice these words everyday in class. We will write the words, spell the words, use them in sentences, write sentences with the words, and other activities. I will send home the list of sight words with your child on Monday and it is important that you practice these at home. On Friday I will asses them on the sight words we have learned. (On week two I will assess them on all 6 sight words we have learned, so the list keeps building.) The sight words for the week of August 28th are: I, Is, The. I am also including a list of Kindergarten sight words that are broken down into months, so if you would like to challenge and work on more sight words at home you can do so!


Welcome to Kindergarten!!!


Hello Parents,

I hope your child/ren are excited and ready for the first day of school! Remember that on Wednesday students with the last name A through L and Thursday students with the last name M through Z attend. On Friday all students will be attending. If your child’s first day is on Wednesday they can wear their gym clothes. Your child will wear their gym clothes all day and does not need to bring clothes to change into afterwards. We will be having gym on Monday and Wednesday, and I will send a remind message and a note home with children when we have gym the next day. Also, make sure you are signing up for Remind so you can stay up to date on things that are happening as well as a class dojo account if you wish to do so. I look forward to working with your child/ren this school year and will push them to be able to reach their maximum potential. If you have any questions feel free to call, email, or message me through remind and I will get back to you asap.

-Miss Rose