Sight words for the week of October 16th are:

  1. down
  2. see
  3. one

Sight words for the week of September 25th are:

  1. look
  2. red
  3. go

Sight words for the week of September 18th are:

  1. you
  2. in
  3. for

sept     oct

Sight words for the week of September 11th are:

  1. a
  2. said
  3. to

I have seen a lot of progress with our sight word identification! We read a lot of big books in the classroom and students will point out sight words that they notice or hear!

Keep practicing uppercase, lowercase,and number identification!


Working on fine motor skills at home is a great way to strengthen skills. Let your child practice using scissors, holding a pencil correctly, tracing lines, tracing letters and numbers, playing with play dough (have them make letters or numbers with the Play dough), putting beads on pipe cleaners, putting rubber bands on tooth picks. Developing these fine motor skills are essential in Kindergarten. We will also be practicing fine motor skills but extra practice at home is wonderful as well.


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