Week of March 12, 2018

What to expect this week


Peer editing, teacher writing conferencing, and final drafts of opinion essays


Beginning to read Al Capone Does My Shirts


Correct usage of pronouns

Social Studies

Learning all about Canada


Winding up our Universe Unit


What does it mean to exercise our free will? What is the soul?

Tests this week:

Tuesday – Irregular verb quiz, Liturgy of the Eucharist Test

Wednesday – Spelling test Unit 20


Monday – Day 3 Music

Tuesday – Day 4 Health

Wednesday – Day 5 Computers

Thursday – Day 1 Library/PE

Friday – Flex Day

Week of March 5, 2018

Stations of the Cross

This upcoming Friday, the Kindergarten, 5th grade, and 8th grade will be presenting shadow stations at church. It will be held at 1:00 P.M.


Please continue to bring in the following supplies to make animal toys for the APL!

1. fleece

2. plastic rings from milk, juice, or Gatoraide jugs

3. tube socks

4. cat nip

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling Lesson 19 and Liturgy of the Word Quiz

Thursday – Ch. 5 Social Studies

Upcoming Units

Reading – we are finishing our Figurative Language unit. We will be reading the book “Al Capone Does My Shirts”. Last Friday the students explored through various centers the themes and background knowledge for the book such as: Types of disabilities, Autism, Alcatraz Island, Famous inmates of Alcatraz Island, The Great Escape, and a sensitivity experience.

Social Studies – We have finished our overview of the United States as part of North America. We will now be turning our attention to our neighbors to the north, Canada.

Science – The students will be exploring the life cycle of a star, black holes, and constellations.

Language Arts – They will be continually focusing on areas of grammar such as Linking Verbs and Irregular Verbs. Writing with some facts to support an argument is also in process.

Religion – They will be exploring what it truly means to have a free will. Also, what are our souls? What is the Incarnation?

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Day 4 Health

Tuesday – Day 5 Computers

Wednesday – Day 1 Library/PE

Thursday – Day 2 Art

Friday – Flex Day


Week of February 26, 2018

Friday’s Visit to the APL

Upcoming Tests


*Spelling Lesson 18

*Introductory Rite Quiz for Religion

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Day 5 Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 Library/PE

Wednesday – Day 2 Art

Thursday – Day 3 Music

Friday – Flex

Week of February 19, 2018

STEM Activity

On Tuesday, students collaborated in a STEM activity that incorporated curiosity, resilience, collaboration, and creativity.  The students participated in “freestyle skiing”. They had to design a skier and a ski slope. The objects were to 1. succeed in having the skier land upright on its skis. 2. succeed in having the skier flip in the air and land upright.

This Friday – Visit to the APL!

All students must pack a lunch for Friday. We will eat before we leave for the APL.

No upcoming tests this week!


Monday – No School

Tuesday – Day 2 Art

Wednesday – Day 3 Music

Thursday – Day 4 Health

Friday – Flex Day

Week of February 12, 2018

Flex Day

This past Friday the students practiced “resilience” as part of Habits of Mind. The STEM activity involved the incorporation of the Olympics, collaboration, and a whole lot of patience!

Students went “Alpine Skiing” with a board, plastic toothpicks, and a marble. The object was to keep the marble on the board, clear the flags, and increase the speed in which this was accomplished.

The students were also challenged to build card houses as a practice of resilience.

Ash Wednesday

Lent starts this Friday. Please join the school Wednesday to receive ashes at church at 9:00 A.M.


Please sign up for a time for parent teacher conferences if you are interested in meeting with me or if I sent home a request.

Valentine’s Day

Students are welcome to exchange Valentine’s Day cards on Wednesday as long as they give a card to everyone in the class.

In honor of both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday falling on the same day, students may wear a purple accent to school.

Upcoming Tests

Wednesday – Spelling Test Lesson 17 and Social Studies Ch. 4 Test


Monday – Day 4 – Health

Tuesday – Flex Day

Wednesday – Day 5 Computers

Thursday – Day 1 Library/PE

Friday – NO SCHOOL

Week of February 5, 2018

We had a great conclusion to Catholic Schools Week!

The students participated in various activities such as the NED show, family photos, and honored veterans. Thank you parents for a great teacher appreciation day and for the many letters of support. I am so grateful to be a part of the St. Joseph family!

Human Rights PBL

On Friday, the class presented their research on human rights and human rights violations in various countries. Some of the countries presented were Chad, Afghanistan, the Republic of Congo, Syria, Venezuela, and Mynamar. I was really truly pleased with the passion and enthusiasm in which the students presented.

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Demonstrations

In Science, the class has been working hard on researching solar and lunar eclipses. This week, they will be demonstrating an eclipse using either with props, a keynote presentation, or through an imovie.

Refill Supplies

Please make sure that your child has pens, pencils, and loose leaf paper for class. Many students have been borrowing from my “extra” supply and it is now dwindling.

Also, if anyone can spare a box of tissues for the classroom it would be appreciated.

Upcoming Tests

Monday – Lesson 16 Spelling Test

Tuesday – English quiz on comma usage and helping verbs

Thursday – Social Studies ch. 4 test (see resources for the link to the review game)


Monday – Day 5 – Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 – Library/PE

Wednesday – Day 2 – Art

Thursday – Day 3 – Music

Friday – Flex Day

Week of January 22, 2018

MAP Testing

This week we will finish our MAP testing. Please make sure that your child brings their silent reading books to read if they should finish the testing before others.

Monday – Language Arts

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Testing make-up day

Elyria Catholic Mass

Grades 5-8 will attend mass on Friday morning. If your child has not yet turned in their permission form, please make sure that I receive that as soon as possible.

STEM Activity

This past Friday, the students were busy working on a collaborative/open-minded STEM activity. They were also busy applying their math skills in order to solve help design a space base on a newly discovered planet. This Friday they will be graphing on paper their space bases.

Catholic Schools Week

Kick-off for Catholic schools week begins on Sunday. There will be open house at the school. Spread the word about all of the great work that is being accomplished at our school! Don’t forget to come and visit as well!

End of Quarter

The last day of the quarter is this Wednesday.  All work must be turned in by this day.

Upcoming Test Dates

Tuesday – Prefix quiz and Western U.S. states identification test

Thursday – Spelling test Lesson 15

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Day 2 Art

Tuesday – Day 3 Music

Wednesday – Day 4 Health

Thursday – Day 5 Computers

Friday – Flex Day


Week of January 15, 2018

Remembering the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week:

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling test Lesson 14

Thursday – Western States identification quiz

Special classes schedule:

Tuesday – Day 4 Health

Wednesday – Day 5 Computer

Thursday – Day 1 Library/Phys. Ed.

Week of January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back after our “extended” Christmas break!


Some areas that we are focusing on in our studies include:

*knowing and understanding the parts of the mass

*the names and geographical locations of the western United States

*Helping Verbs and Verb Tenses

*Prefixes, suffixes, and root words- knowing the most common and how to identify unknown words by breaking them down

*introduction to our solar system unit: reviewing knowledge of gravity, inertia, mass, seasonal changes before we move onto some really cool new topics!




*Tuesday, January 16 – Unit 14 spelling words

*Wednesday, January 17 – Quiz on identifying the western U.S.


This week’s schedule: Tuesday = Day 1 (Computer/Phys. Ed.)

Wednesday = Day 2 (Art)

Thursday = Day 3 (Music)

Friday = Day 4 (Health)


The 5th grade, in conjunction with the 1st and 2nd grade, are tackling the question “How can SJS reduce our energy consumption?” In the next few weeks, watch for the 5th grade’s research, progress, and presentation upon solving this question!



Prior to Christmas break, the 5th grade researched information on “what are basic human rights?”, “what are human rights violations?”, “what countries/people are not given the same human rights as we have in the United States?”. Next Friday, our class will be presenting their findings to classes around the school in the hopes that other students are made aware of these issues and may be interested in ways to help make changes in the world.


Week of October 30

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling Lesson 8

Weekly Calendar

Monday – Day 4 Health

Tuesday – Day 5 Computers

Wednesday – Day 1 Library/P.E.

Thursday – Day 2 Art

Friday – Flex