Week of January 22, 2018

MAP Testing

This week we will finish our MAP testing. Please make sure that your child brings their silent reading books to read if they should finish the testing before others.

Monday – Language Arts

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Testing make-up day

Elyria Catholic Mass

Grades 5-8 will attend mass on Friday morning. If your child has not yet turned in their permission form, please make sure that I receive that as soon as possible.

STEM Activity

This past Friday, the students were busy working on a collaborative/open-minded STEM activity. They were also busy applying their math skills in order to solve help design a space base on a newly discovered planet. This Friday they will be graphing on paper their space bases.

Catholic Schools Week

Kick-off for Catholic schools week begins on Sunday. There will be open house at the school. Spread the word about all of the great work that is being accomplished at our school! Don’t forget to come and visit as well!

End of Quarter

The last day of the quarter is this Wednesday.  All work must be turned in by this day.

Upcoming Test Dates

Tuesday – Prefix quiz and Western U.S. states identification test

Thursday – Spelling test Lesson 15

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Day 2 Art

Tuesday – Day 3 Music

Wednesday – Day 4 Health

Thursday – Day 5 Computers

Friday – Flex Day


Week of January 15, 2018

Remembering the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week:

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling test Lesson 14

Thursday – Western States identification quiz

Special classes schedule:

Tuesday – Day 4 Health

Wednesday – Day 5 Computer

Thursday – Day 1 Library/Phys. Ed.

Week of January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back after our “extended” Christmas break!


Some areas that we are focusing on in our studies include:

*knowing and understanding the parts of the mass

*the names and geographical locations of the western United States

*Helping Verbs and Verb Tenses

*Prefixes, suffixes, and root words- knowing the most common and how to identify unknown words by breaking them down

*introduction to our solar system unit: reviewing knowledge of gravity, inertia, mass, seasonal changes before we move onto some really cool new topics!




*Tuesday, January 16 – Unit 14 spelling words

*Wednesday, January 17 – Quiz on identifying the western U.S.


This week’s schedule: Tuesday = Day 1 (Computer/Phys. Ed.)

Wednesday = Day 2 (Art)

Thursday = Day 3 (Music)

Friday = Day 4 (Health)


The 5th grade, in conjunction with the 1st and 2nd grade, are tackling the question “How can SJS reduce our energy consumption?” In the next few weeks, watch for the 5th grade’s research, progress, and presentation upon solving this question!



Prior to Christmas break, the 5th grade researched information on “what are basic human rights?”, “what are human rights violations?”, “what countries/people are not given the same human rights as we have in the United States?”. Next Friday, our class will be presenting their findings to classes around the school in the hopes that other students are made aware of these issues and may be interested in ways to help make changes in the world.


Week of October 30

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling Lesson 8

Weekly Calendar

Monday – Day 4 Health

Tuesday – Day 5 Computers

Wednesday – Day 1 Library/P.E.

Thursday – Day 2 Art

Friday – Flex

Week of October 23

Congratulations 5th grade! We had 100% participation in the calendar raffle sale this past week! On Friday the students were able to participate in an hour long of fun…playing Wii, Bean Boozled, Apples to Apples, Bingo, snacks and more!

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Spelling Lesson 7

Thursday – Subjects, Predicates, and Sentence Fragments


Monday – Day 5 Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 Library/Phys. Ed.

Wednesday – Day 2 Art

Thursday – Day 3 Music

Friday – Flex Day

Week of October 16


Ch. 2 Social Studies on Tuesday

This week’s flex schedule

Monday – Day 1 (Library and Phys. Ed.)

Tuesday – Day 2 Art

Wednesday – Day 3 Music

Thursday – Day 4 Phys. Ed.


Week of October 9, 2017

Scholastic Books

October Arrow orders are due by Friday, October 13.

Tests and Quizzes

Spelling Lesson 6  – Thursday

Genre Quiz – Tuesday

Science Quiz (food chains, food webs, energy pyramid) – Tuesday

Social Studies Ch. 2 Test – Tuesday (October 17)

No school this Friday!


Monday – Day 2 Art

Tuesday – Day 3 Music

Wednesday – Day 4 Health/Phys. Ed.

Thursday – Day 5 Computers

Midweek Update

Review Games

Please check out my resources page for weblinks to upcoming quizzes and tests.

Genre Quiz

Will be next week on Tuesday.

Letters to Parents

Please be sure to read the letter that I had sent home today in the Wednesday folder. If you have not yet read it, here is a copy of it.




Dear Parents,

Please check with your student that they are still equipped with pencils and standard blue/black ink pens. Many students have been turning in assignments that are written in various colors including pastels. These are hard on my eyes for grading, plus I prefer to use the same colorful pens to grade papers (I’m not a fan of red ink). I have asked them to abandon the use of these pens, but many have continued to use them. The students were informed this week that any future assignments containing the non-standard colors will result in lost points on assignments.

Also, please ensure that your child arrives to school early enough so that they are unpacked and in their seats by the 7:30 A.M. bell. If your child has any tardies this is the result of late arrival or choosing to socialize over preparing for class.

On a different note, I’m in need of some shoe boxes or similarly sized boxes.  If you happen to have any at home that you can part with by THIS Friday, I’d greatly appreciate it. So far I have 5, but I need 11 more.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Doucette

Week of October 2, 2017

What’s Going on With Flex Days?

We’ve had 3 flex days so far and soooo much wonderful, positive, higher level thinking, and fun has been taking place.

Students have:

*been learning about the growth mindset process

*explored and celebrated International Peace Day

*participated in Zumba

*been learning about the design cycle

*participated in team building activities

*designed, tested, and even redesigned their own tornado shelters

*designed, presented, and redesigned “fish traps” to help capture and control a soon-to-be invasive species to the Great Lakes (Asian Silver Carp)

*been designing in Art before and after landscapes of natural disasters

*attended weekly masses


Upcoming Tests

Spelling test Lesson 5 will be on Wednesday

Reading: Genre definition quiz on Thursday (they will be given this information on Monday)

Religion: Ch. 2 test on Thursday (students made flashcards last week to help them study for this)

This Week’s Schedule

Monday – Day 3 (Music)

Tuesday – Day 4 (Health/Gym)

Wednesday – Day 5 (Computers)

Thursday – Day 1 (Library/Gym)

Week of September 25

Upcoming Tests

Spelling Test Lesson 4 on Tuesday

Social Studies Tests

The students took their first social studies test of the year. I will be returning it to them on Monday. If they earned a D or an F grade, they have the opportunity to correct their mistakes for 1/2 point each. They should write out the question as well as the answer. Corrections are due by Thursday. This is an opportunity that I don’t always offer. However, because what they learned was part of the foundation of what is yet to come, I felt that it was important that they revisit the information and learn from their mistakes.