Week of October 2, 2017

What’s Going on With Flex Days?

We’ve had 3 flex days so far and soooo much wonderful, positive, higher level thinking, and fun has been taking place.

Students have:

*been learning about the growth mindset process

*explored and celebrated International Peace Day

*participated in Zumba

*been learning about the design cycle

*participated in team building activities

*designed, tested, and even redesigned their own tornado shelters

*designed, presented, and redesigned “fish traps” to help capture and control a soon-to-be invasive species to the Great Lakes (Asian Silver Carp)

*been designing in Art before and after landscapes of natural disasters

*attended weekly masses


Upcoming Tests

Spelling test Lesson 5 will be on Wednesday

Reading: Genre definition quiz on Thursday (they will be given this information on Monday)

Religion: Ch. 2 test on Thursday (students made flashcards last week to help them study for this)

This Week’s Schedule

Monday – Day 3 (Music)

Tuesday – Day 4 (Health/Gym)

Wednesday – Day 5 (Computers)

Thursday – Day 1 (Library/Gym)

Week of September 25

Upcoming Tests

Spelling Test Lesson 4 on Tuesday

Social Studies Tests

The students took their first social studies test of the year. I will be returning it to them on Monday. If they earned a D or an F grade, they have the opportunity to correct their mistakes for 1/2 point each. They should write out the question as well as the answer. Corrections are due by Thursday. This is an opportunity that I don’t always offer. However, because what they learned was part of the foundation of what is yet to come, I felt that it was important that they revisit the information and learn from their mistakes.

Week of September 18

Friday flex day was a great success!

First, we learned about the background for the International Day of Peace. Then we explored how peace can start right here in school and at home. Students made peace pinwheels and peace labels which will soon be visible on the bushes outside of the school building.

Then the students worked on the “big question” : What materials and engineering design would help save lives in homes subjected to tornado force winds? The question arose from studying the make-up of tornadoes and the roles that storm chasers play. Students had to work together in teams of 4. Every student was involved, contributed ideas and opinions, tested their theories, and revised when the structures didn’t work they way they wanted. On Monday we will test their structures with a great force of wind. I can’t wait to see the results!


Monday – Spelling Test Lesson 3

Tuesday – Religion Ch. 1

This week’s Specials Schedule

Monday – Day 5 – Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 – Library and Gym Day

Wednesday – Day 2 – Art

Thursday – Day 3 – Music

Friday – Flex Day

Week of September 11, 2017

Friday flex days start this week!

Students will not have their specials on these days. Please note that we will be following a days 1-5 schedule. Their special classes will be on the following days:

Day 1 – Library and Gym

Day 2 – Art

Day 3 – Music

Day 4 – Health/gym

Day 5 – Technology

This week’s schedule will appear as the following:

Monday – Day 1

Tuesday – Day 2

Wednesday – Day 3

Thursday – Day 4

Spelling Tests

From now on, spelling words will be assigned on Day 1 and the test will be given on Day 5. So for this week the students will be assigned their spelling words on Monday and their spelling test will be held next week Monday.

Earbuds or Headphones

The students will be needing to bring in a set of earbuds or headphones. These will be stored with their computers in class. Some students have already brought some in. Please don’t have them bring in an expensive pair such as Beats. I’m pretty sure that many dollar stores even carry them.

Tests this week

Monday – Grammar Test on Types of Sentences and Prepositional Phrases

Tuesday – Social Studies Ch. 1

Week of September 4, 2017

Blue Wednesday Folders

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure that your child returns the folder to school on Tuesday so that it can be filled for Wednesday.


If you haven’t sent me your current email address please do so. My address is doucettej13@gmail.com.


Many grades have already been entered into the system. Please make sure that you keep up to date with this as some students already have missing assignments. Your child received their homework agenda earlier last week so this should be checked daily.


Lesson 2 words will be assigned on Tuesday and the test will be on Friday. Check the resource section for the link to Spelling City as a way to help study for the tests. There were some issues accessing the word list last week. Please email me and let me know if this is still an issue.


There will be a Social Studies test over Chapter 1 and a Grammar test over prepositional phrases and types of sentences next week. I will be sending home a study guide/practice sheets this week to help study for these tests.

News for the week of August 28

The first week of school started off great! I’m really excited to work with your students throughout the upcoming year.

A few notes for this week:

1. Library visits begin this week. (Monday) Please encourage your child to check out a book from the school library or a local library to be read at home. Students should now be reading for at least 15 minutes each night. Also, they need to bring their books to school so that they can read either during library time or during any possible “down time” in class.  Once your child has finished reading their book of choice, they should request a reading inventory sheet from me to be completed. This will be an ongoing expectation throughout the school year.

2. Spelling practice and tests start this week. Your child should be bringing home their list on Monday. Their test over the words will be on Friday morning. Please encourage them to study for this nightly. I have included a link in resources to an online Spelling website that will help them study for the test. If you need any other suggestions as how to help them study, please feel free to send an email requesting this.

Expect to see 1 or 2 Spelling practice assignments each week.

3. Last week we spent time going over classroom expectations, procedures, organizing our school supplies, team building, problem solving, getting to know each other, exploring God in our lives, and exploring the themes, events, and personal connections to the summer reading book Holes.

4. Students will be setting up and slowly learning how to use interactive notebooks in ELA and Science. They will also be slowly exposed to notetaking…particularly in Social Studies. At first it will be teacher-led. Over time they will be given the skills to research and note take on their own.

5. Finally, I’m a teacher who tends to “overplan” class lessons from week to week. I have also been known to stray from plans when students either struggle with a particular concept or become excited to learn more about it. As a result, it is not feasible for me to post homework assignments in advance because we may not get to it on the pre-planned day. Students will be reminded of all of their homework assignments daily from the homework chart posted in the front of the classroom.

Here’s to another great week! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Mrs. Doucette