Mrs. Doucette

Mrs. Doucette
Education:Bachelor of Science in English Education from Bowling Green State University; Master of Arts in Mild/Moderate Special Education from Baldwin Wallace University
Grade: Fifth Grade Homeroom
Subjects:ELA, Religion, Social Studies, Math, Science
Voicemail: 440-988-4244 ext. 315

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  I have a deep passion for teaching students in the middle grades. It is a time when they are changing physically, emotionally and mentally.  My goal is to incorporate lessons that challenge and motivate them.  I believe students learn better through hands on activities, by sharing their ideas with other students and working collaboratively, and through using technology.  Students are more engaged in a topic if it relates to their own personal experiences, and when students can relate to a topic, they retain more information.

I will incorporate positive classroom management skills that outline the expectations and behaviors that are to be followed.   Students need to show respect toward their teacher and fellow classmates, as well as people in the community.  Improper behavior, such as a student disrupting the learning environment, will be dealt with immediately and will be given to higher authority, if needed.


When it comes to major assignments, such as projects, I will be grading my students, using a rubric. Students will be given a copy of the rubric when the project or assignment is made. I believe allowing the students to see what is expected of them allows them to meet the high expectations I set for each one of them.  Other assignments will be based on a point system to show student achievement.