Welcome back!

The students are off to a great start!

The students have spent the days going over their schedules, classroom procedures, and organization. They have also received their first set of spelling words in which they will be tested on on Friday.

Specials Schedule

Day 1 – Music

Day 2 – Health and PE

Day 3 – STEM

Day 4 – Library

Day 5 – Art


Please check their agendas nightly.


I have a new email address. It is



End of the Year

Dear Parents and students,

Thank you for all of your wonderful support and effort in making 2018-2019 a successful school year! I hope that you have a fun and safe summer. I look forward to my new class, but I also look forward to seeing you again next year as 6th graders!  Don’t forget to do your summer reading too!

Here are just a few memories from the end of the year (First Responders event, STEM challenge, Crushers game, and field day):


Week of April 8th

In science the students are studying motion, calculating speed and determining mass’s effect on speed.  Last Friday, students where challenged to design a car that can move on it’s own, move for 5 feet, and increase the speed of their car.


Week of April 1, 2019

Welcome back from break! April 1 starts the first day of the 4th quarter. Please check if your child needs a refill on school supplies, especially paper, pens, and pencils!


Wednesday – Western states quiz

Thursday – Capitals of the western states


Monday – Day 1 – Music

Tuesday – Day 2 – Health and PE

Wednesday – Day 3 – STEM

Thursday – Day 4 – Library

Friday – Flex Day – STEM


Week of March 18, 2019

Note to parents: Please make sure any missing work is turned in to me by Wednesday of this week. Thanks!

Tests this Week

Wednesday – Social Studies Southern states quiz (4 states)

Thursday – 10 Commandments Quiz; Spelling Test


Monday – Day 1 – Music

Tuesday – Day 2 – Health; PE

Wednesday – Day 3 – STEM

Thursday – Day 4 – Library

Friday – Flex Day

Upcoming Events – Week of March 25….Spring Break!

Week of March 11, 2019

10 days left of the 3rd quarter!

Please check Gradelink to make sure that all missing or correct and return papers are turned in by Tuesday, March 19.

What we are learning?

Math – Adding and subtracting fractions

ELA – Opinion writing essays

Social Studies – Southern U.S. states

Science – Birth and death of stars

Religion – Continuing learning and reflecting about the 10 commandments

PBL – continuing creating and preparing to build a website to educate others about food insecurity

Upcoming Tests

Wednesday – Math


Monday – Day 2 – Phys. Ed. and Health

Tuesday – Day 3 – STEM

Wednesday – Day 4 – Library

Thursday – Day 5 – Art

Week of February 25, 2019

What’s Going On?

Math – Dividing with decimals

Social Studies – U.S. Geography

Science – Finishing learning about the Earth, Sun, and the Moon

PBL – food insecurity – the students are busy researching the causes of global food insecurity and the ways in which people can help reduce it.

Reading – the students are studying about the Holocaust. We are currently viewing the movie “The Diary of Anne Frank” and reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Writing – currently focusing on grammar skills – in particular writing with commas correctly


Monday – New England Capitals quiz

Tuesday – Mid-Atlantic Capitals quiz; spelling test; reading assessment

Wednesday – Eastern U.S. test (see review page)


Monday – Day 4 Library

Tuesday – Day 5 Art

Wednesday – Day 1 Music

Thursday – Day 2 Health and Phys. Ed.

Friday – Flex Day

Week of February 11, 2019

Four day week! No school Friday!

Parent/Teacher conferences are on Thursday…please sign up if I requested a conference or if you have any concerns you wish to share.

Tests this week:

Tuesday: Math, Social Studies quiz (Midwestern states)

Wednesday: Reading, Spelling


Monday – Day 3 – STEM

Tuesday – Day 4 – Library

Wednesday – Day 5 – Art

Thursday – Flex day

Week of February 4, 2019

Friday Design Challenge – Geometric Waiters

Students had to design a waiter’s tray with limited supplies. The tray had to be able to hold 13 different geometric patterns as the student carried it across the classroom. Students had to be able to identify the 3D shapes and practiced the habits of mind of persistence, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity.

Upcoming Tests

Tuesday – Reading; Spelling

Wednesday – Social Studies quiz (identify 13 southeastern states); Religion (open book)

Thursday – Math


Monday – Day 4 – Library

Tuesday – Day 5 – Art

Wednesday – Day 1 – Music

Thursday – Day 2 – Health; P.E.

Week of January 28, 2019

It’s Catholic Schools Week! There is a lot planned for this week and I can’t wait to post and share images with you from it.

What’s going on?

* students have been working on their PBL on how to best inform, teach, and persuade others to help fight hunger around the world.

* students will soon be finishing their biome projects. The object of this project is to persuade “board members” from a travel agency as to why they should include their biome as a good place to visit. Soon they will make their presentations to these “board members” who will critique their work.

* In Science we will be leaving “Life Science” to begin studying about the universe.

Upcoming tests:

Wednesday: Ch. 7 religion test (open book)

Thursday: Reading assessment, Spelling test


Monday: Day 2 – Health and P.E.

Tuesday: Day 3 – STEM

Wednesday: Day 4 – Library

Thursday: Day 5 – Art