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Remembering all we are Thankful for!

On our November flex day, we spent the day focussing on what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We competed in a classroom STEM challenge in 7th grade. We had a contest to see who could design a tin foil boat (Mayflower) that would hold the most weight.

November News!

Report Cards for the First Quarter are published on Gradelink today!!!

We have a four day week next week with an early dismissal on Thursday by one hour. Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place after school on Thursday, so there is no school on Friday, November 13.

We return for a full week before a week off for Thanksgiving! This month is going to go by so fast!

Halloween Flex Day!

We have officially completed our first 9 weeks of the school year! Yay! We were able to spend the day having our first flex day, focussing on Halloween!

In 7th grade, we did a variety of Halloween-related activities, including building a bone bridge using q-tips, clothes pins, and pipe cleaners. Their bridges had to hold a certain amount of weight to pass the challenge.

More canned goods!

This week is our last week collecting canned food for our “Super Six Food Drive”! We are asking students to bring in canned entrees through Friday to help benefit those in need! Please don’t disappoint us 7th Grade!

3 Weeks left in the grading period!

We did not have school on Friday due to a Teacher PD day, which leaves us with just a couple of weeks left (three to be exact) in the first grading period! October 30 marks the last day of the quarter and when all missing assignments are due for any credit.

Welcome to October!


October is officially here! We have a 4-day week next week (no school on Friday) and some beautiful weather! 7th Grade decorated our room with guardian angel banners today after looking up Bible Verses that we looked up. Now we have little “guardian angels” spread throughout our classroom!

Almost a month in and still going strong!

 We are really getting into a routine now! 7th Grade is branching out and trying new things! This week we explored ancient cave art and are reading stories that show how generations can learn from one another. We had our first science test today and are learning how to properly use the different signs (positive and negative) in math.

Three weeks have passed!

Today was Picture Day for most of the school! It was great to see so many at SJS dressed up! Our first round of MAP tests are complete, excluding the makeup tests, which will take place over the next couple of weeks. The school is participating in a “Super Six” food drive for 6 weeks. A flyer went home with all of the details last week. This week was our first week with breakfast cereal and next week we will be collecting peanut butter. We encourage the students to bring one item following the specifications every week. 7th Grade has started out slow, but we believe they can pick up the participation quickly!

Favorite break activity!

Wow! We are already 2 weeks into the school year and are getting into a routine. MAP testing began this week… and we will finish next week. We are getting used to our new English book “My Perspectives” and the new social studies book. In the midst of all of the hard work taking place, 7th Grade has a favorite activity to do on our daily 10 minute morning break… Swinging on the swings!!!!!

Welcome back to school!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to be back in school, even though it looks a bit different this year. The coronavirus situation has changed quite a bit for us. We have a combination of students in-person and distance learning for the first quarter. Students remain in their homeroom class all day, while the teachers switch classes. They also eat lunch in the classroom, since it is already distanced accordinglyAnother change is that we are not assigning homework for the first quarter. This is partly to limit things moving back and forth and partly to get back into a routine. Social distancing and mask wearing is another change taking place at this time.

Students are expected to stay on top of assignments and email or ask questions when needed. If not feeling well, don’t come. If they feel ok enough to complete assignments, they can join the live-streamed lessons at the appropriate time and stay caught up. Wednesday folders will still be sent home on Wednesday with missing work.

7th Grade Specials this year:

Day 1: Music

Day 2: Library/ Computer

Day 3: Phys Ed/ Health (wear gym clothes to school)

Day 4: STEM

Day 5: Art

We have a staggered dismissal time this year, so 7th grade dismisses at 2:09.