7th Grade Teacher

Teacher: Mrs. Cindy Gede

Grade: 7th Grade Homeroom

1st year teaching at SJS!

Subjects: 6-8 ELA and 7th Social Studies

Education: BA in Middle Childhood Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University (4-9) with concentrations in language arts and mathematics

Email: cindy.gede@sjs-amherst.org

Contact at: 440-988-4244 ext. 317


Dear SJS families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! While this school year is a little different from past years, I am very excited for what is in store! I am a wife and mom to two little girls and spend lots of time on the family farm. This year classes include a combination of in class and distance learners, mask wearing and social distancing, and live streamed/ recorded lessons and pre-recorded lessons. I will be working with your son and daughter to become a successful and confident learner inside and outside of the classroom.

In ELA this year we will be working on a variety of grammar, literature and reading-related concepts. While I will be taking participation grades, I will try to have several different types of projects/ activities to provide the greatest learning possible. Book Reports are postponed for the first quarter, along with homework.  Students are still expected to have a reading book with them at all times.

In Social Studies we will be studying the progression of history. Grades will consist of classroom participation, quizzes, tests, projects and homework assignments.

Mrs. Makruski is teaching our religion class at this time. The grades will consist of classroom participation, quizzes, tests as well as content-related activities.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

~ Aristotle