It’s Summer

Summer is here!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that 7th grade has returned books to the school and finally gathered their remaining belongings, we are faced with a bittersweet moment knowing the school year is over. We faced a lot of challenges this year with distance learning as a result of Covid-19. It is exciting that we made it to this point (at times it felt like it would never get here) and still sad for what we missed out on. After lots of deliberation, there is NO SUMMER READING scheduled for this summer. Spend this time to relax and rejuvenate. Reading is still encouraged! However, there is no assigned book to read. We look forward to seeing each other again soon, whenever, wherever and however that might be!

Out of School, but still Learning Together!

With the closing of school buildings around the state of Ohio, instruction has looked a little different this quarter. Seventh grade has been hard at work learning about Figurative Language and Islamic Civilizations. We have been meeting together virtually about once a week. We have been able to implement videos as needed into our lessons as well. As this school year comes to a close, we desperately miss being around each other like we are used to. That personal contact is how we thrive! We have been forced into a “new normal” and this group has been managing their time very well. I am so proud of all that they have tackled over the past two months and look toward the future, no matter what that holds.

March 13th, 2020…..What we are doing……

PBL Continues on!




Celebrating Mardis Gras

Mardis Gras website update

Roman Inventions

Discovering and Creating Roman Inventions

7th Grade PBL….updates

Narrowing our PBL focus…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The eighth graders held a food drive during the month of November. Every grade brought in canned and/or perishable goods to give to families in need. As a school, we went above and beyond our initial goal! The seventh graders won a contest by giving food items in a teacher’s name of their choice! The winner wore a turkey costume for the entire day of school on Friday before Thanksgiving break! Mrs. Gede was the “lucky winner” and the seventh and eighth graders were very proud of themselves!




What have we been up to…… thinking about our class PBL

Our 7th graders are narrowing down their topic for their PBL or Problem Based Learning Project we are starting as a group. We spent most of last Friday brainstorming ideas our class can make a difference in our school, community, country and world. We are trying to answer our question about cancer and have this week to research properly before presenting to Mrs. Makruski our findings on Friday. If it is not approved, we will need to start over and most likely continue with our second choice with school safety.

A New Beginning!

We are getting into a routine as we finish the first few weeks of school! The students have handled the transition well! The first round of book reports are due October 24, so students have been informed to pace themselves. After a fun-filled Fish in a Tree Review, SJS teachers and staff voted on three categories of fish created by the students and displayed. The 7th graders are now working on a writing activity. I am excited to see how these turn out!