Hello summer!!

Hope you have a fantastic, fun-filled, and blessed summer vacation! See you in August!!

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. When we started out on our STEM journey last school year, STEAM was a thing you heard about but a true designation was not available. Since then, the A for Arts has been added in an official designation title, but only after we had already begun our STEM application. With that being said, St. Joe’s has no intention of ignoring the important aspect that the arts play in the development of students. In a recent class with 3rd grade, the students learned some important vocabulary about circles and were introduced to a tool to help them create perfect circles- a compass! The students learned how to use the compass to make small and large circles, overlapping circles, and circles that went off the page. Keeping the compass in place and spinning it at the same time was a challenge, but the students quickly got brave enough to use paint to create circle masterpieces. Here are some pictures of this fun day in the art room!