Back to School!

Welcome back everyone!

I’m so happy to say that we are back in the classroom and making art again as a group! I don’t have any photos to post yet but once I do they will be uploaded for all to enjoy. 🙂

Summer Time!

Hey guys and gals! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy and safe during these interesting times. School was cut short this year and I know that we are all very sad about this but it makes coming back (virtually or in-person) in the fall that much more exciting!

I hope you all have an amazing summer!

Here are some photos of the fourth graders self portraits that they worked on during the last quarter of the year. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face knowing that students were still working so hard during this pandemic and virtual learning.

In A World Where You Can Be Anything.. Bee Kind

The third graders started a brand new project this week! They are working on creating paper mache bumble bee’s to collaborate with their PBL. Gotta love a classroom full of busy bees and wheat paste! 🙂

Spring Has Sprung.. Look What We’ve Done!

Getting Creative With Google!

The sixth-grade class has some amazing talent! I let them choose from eight different categories to recreate the Google homepage on their own. They worked very hard, and I think the final projects show that!

We Are Van Gogh-ing Crazy in Art!

I have the 4th-grade working on their blending skills with acrylic paint, and they are doing a WONDERFUL job! These Starry Night paintings are turning out exactly how I hoped they would. It’s amazing what a little hard work and acrylic paint can do. Spoiler alert.. these beautiful canvases will be in the art show!

Giving week!

We decided that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by giving to others and putting a smile on their faces! I worked with our 3rd-grade teacher, Ms. Hendrix, on trying to contact the Amherst Area Office On Aging about giving them art projects to give to nursing homes within the city. We ended up giving the office about three or four FULL boxes of ornaments that our K-8th graders made! Woo! Here are a few photos of our students proudly holding up their ornaments.

Did you hear about the monster who had eight arms?

He said they come in handy!

A Look Into a Fourth Graders Weekend!

The fourth graders identified and named the sources for their artmaking ideas (e.g., self, environment and other people).

We decided to create pictures of what their weekend was like, but instead of drawing normal pictures, we decided that using our imagination would make our weekends seem more fun!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

In fifth grade art, we are learning all about Satoshi Tajiri and his team of artists who created Pokemon.

First step, drawing our Pokemon’s from the original state to the evolved state.

Second step, CLAY… Stay tuned!

Third and final step, Paint!