February Rehearsals

February 10 – Mrs Kermes will work with Scene 3

Mrs. Whiteman will work with “High Adventure” and “Prince Ali Reprise”


February 17 – NO SCHOOL


February 24 – Mrs. Kermes will work with Scene 4 and Scene 5

Mrs. Whiteman will work with “Whole New World” and “These Palace Walls”

Aladdin, Jr. CAST LIST!

After some amazing auditions (and some REALLY hard choices!!), I am so excited to present the cast of our spring musical!! Congratulations, everyone!

Cast List

Aladdin – Jake Nagy

Babkak – Shawn Schilla

Omar – Amira Sliman

Kasim – George Gendics

Genie – Bella Bennett

Jafar – Mia Towne

Iago – Matt Baldwin

Jasmine – Mallory Makruski

Isir – Maddie Jeffries

Manal – Emily Amato

Rajah – Kenna Penhollow

Sultan – Caleb Dittmer

Razoul – Michael Marrero

Guard 1 – Lilly Stewart

Guard 2 – Audrey Ilcisko

Guard 3 – Audrey Crossan

Beggar 1 – Abby Evans

Beggar 2 – Sydney Crossan

Beggar 3 – Emily Csanady

Apple Vendor – Lauren Amato

Fortune Teller – Riley Baker

Shop Owner – Julia Gillispie

Prince Abdullah – Jozsef Mezslenyi

Abdullah’s Attendant 1 – Lilly Stewart

Abdullah’s Attendant 2 – Audrey Ilcisko

Abdullah’s Attendant 3 – Audrey Crossan

Spooky Voice/Cave of Wonders – Jacob Gillispie

Agrabahn Citizens/Ensemble:

-Noah Lewis

-Juliana DiMacchia

-Peyton Alverson

-Tim Buckley

-Michael Marrero

-Lilly Stewart

-Audrey Ilcisko

-Audrey Crossan

-Abby Evans

-Sydney Crossan

-Emily Csanady

-Lauren Amato

-Riley Baker

-Julia Gillispie

-Joszef Meszlenyi

-Jacob Gillispie

Welcome to Drama Club

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Kermes and Ms. Whiteman





It’s that time of year again…
The leaves are changing, trick-or-treating is near, and everything is pumpkin-spice flavored. These signs can only mean one thing: It’s time for DRAMA CLUB!! Time to shed all traces of self-consciousness and act your way into the hearts of millions (hey, dream big, right?).

Interested? Come to our first meeting!!
Drama Club meets EVERY Monday after school from 2:30-3:30, starting Monday, November 5th, 2018. We will meet outside after school, and walk over to the Social Hall as a group.

Not sure if Drama is for you? Come to our first meeting!!
The theater games we play are a perfect way to see if you’ll have fun on the stage. We won’t officially audition for the play for a few weeks, so you’ll have some time to try it out before you commit!

Questions?? Email Mrs. Kermes at kkermessjs@yahoo.com