Grade:  Fourth Grade Homeroom


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Fourth graders learn about Scripture, the Ten Commandments, the sacraments and liturgy, prayer, and Christ’s ministry. We use a lot of role playing, group projects, and other creative projects.


In English class we will be studying grammar, mechanics, and usage principals.  We will also be studying and practicing the writing process for narrative, persuasive, and informative types of writing.  Oral communication is also part of this class.


We will be reading fiction and nonfiction stories from our textbook as well as poetry, novels, and other types of of literature. We will also focus on comprehension, fluency, and answering higher level questions. Vocabulary is also part of this class. (A schedule of due dates and quizzes for vocabulary can be accessed from my supplemental resources page.)

MATH Grades 4-5

We will be using the Saxon math textbook this year. This book uses spiral review to reinforce lessons previously taught. There will be math homework nearly every night. This is also true for Fridays. A review sheet will be provided prior to the test, also to be completed for homework. Tests will be given every fifth lesson.


There is no spelling textbook so list words will be distributed on the first day of the week and tested on the last day of the week. Two dictated sentences comprised of list words and previous list words will also be given.


We learn how social, physical, and emotional health are all related to each other and that making good decisions can also effect health. Other topics that are covered are nutrition, physical fitness, safety, and disease prevention.