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The French and Indian War

Fourth grade completed an online assignment about the French and Indian War. Students watched various videos, both educational and more “parody” style, read articles, looked at maps, and learned a lot!


Tacos, Tacos and more Tacos

Students made tacos in math class. They had to follow the amount of ingredients on their paper. They simplified their answers, and glued their fraction papers to their folded paper plate and added their strips of ingredients.

New Year, New Things to Learn About!!!!

We have been very hard at work learning about ecosystems and how living things get energy. We completed an experiment about how yeast gets energy, and completed a real good web to show connections to all living things 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Advent is upon us

4th grade is getting in the Christmas spirit by completing some Advent activities! We learned about the legend of the Poinsettia, and students made a flower to match the plant.
Students also learned about Advent wreaths and created their own wreath.

It’s November…

November was a busy month! We visited with residents from Elmcroft and made a great magnet together. In science, we did a “gobble wobble” to see if we could move the turkey down the string. And our STEM challenge was a turkey hideout. Can you find the turkeys?



Fantastic Fall!

4th grade is in full swing at SJS. We created apple grabbers to see how paper is strongest. We also made two different kinds of paper airplanes to determine which kind of wings were better for use.

Back to School and already working hard

4th grade is back! 

We spent the first few days of class getting to know each other. Some of our favorite activities were making haiku and acrostic poems to get to know each other, and re-imagining the 100s chart to have each number be equally represented.

Looking forward to a great 2019-2020 year!


A Look Back at 2018-2019

       We had so much fun in fourth grade this year! The majority of students loved our Periodic People lesson, where students were introduced to the Periodic Table by figuring out a pattern in all the little guys! We also celebrated the inauguration of the new Governor with a game called Powers of the Governor, so students understand everything that a governor  really does. We loved our various STEM challenges, and working with the discipleship coordinator, Mrs. Vaccaro, in religion class. Fourth grade especially liked using our energy sticks to see if we could complete a circuit! Have a great and restful summer!

Enjoy the pictures!


Periodic People…. an introduction to elements

The 4th grade played a game with periodic people to introduce them to elements and the Periodic Table. Students needed to identify patterns and find the missing person based on characteristics of the other people.