May Fever!

Happy Spring! I’m sure that everyone is enjoying the (finally!) warm weather as much as I am. As the school year winds down, here are some things we have been working on and some events coming up.

  • May Crowning will be this Friday at 9:45. Each student will have a small reading part and should come dressed in their First Communion attire. The students should also bring a dress down outfit to change into after the ceremony.
  • We have wrapped up our Force and Motion unit with a really fun friction experiment! We tested different surfaces to see which one would make the cars travel the furthest. The students did an excellent job testing the different surfaces and recording their results.


  • The students also tested the use of gravity and height with the distance that cars travel. The students realized that (generally speaking), the steeper the ramp is the further the car goes. The students also came up with creative ways to keep the car straight, such as rulers to act as guard rails for the car.


  • Finally, I am sure your student is coming home talking about all the “games” we keep playing in class. I know this time of year the students get very excited for summer so I try to center more of our learning on game-centered instruction. Recently, we played “Slap the Synonym”, very similar to Slap Jack. The students seemed very motivated to learn more about synonyms during this game.

Keep rocking on second grade! I am so proud of all you have accomplished to help us become a STEM designated school!

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