Hello parents! I hope you all have a fun and safe summer planned! I have absolutely LOVED teaching your children this year, and I will miss them dearly!

For those of you that are looking for some ideas for avoiding the “summer slump”, here are my biggest tips to prepare you for next year.

  • Read, read, READ! The students will begin doing longer stories (chapter books!) and “book studies” in class next year, and fluency and comprehension are a MUST! Have your student read out loud to you at least once a week, and ask questions! Basic comprehension questions are good such as main idea and supporting details, but even better are questions that involve text evidence or inference. Think of open ended questions like:
    “How do you think the character felt when…? What would you do if…..? Why do you think the character reacted the way he/she did?”

    The students always could use more practice with non-fiction text as well. Book Adventure is a free website that has quizzes and reading resources that many parents have found helpful.

  • Practice your basic math facts! 3rd grade math jumps right in with multiplication, and knowing basic addition and subtraction up to 12+12 is a game changer. xtramath.com is a free website/app that really helps practice these facts. The students also really need to achieve something we call automaticity which is knowing how many are in a group without counting each individual (up to 5 or 6 is helpful).

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