Weather and More!

Wow, these past few weeks sure have seemed busy! If I had to poll my students on their favorite day of any week, I would be willing to be the students would all tell me, “Flex Day!”. On our flex days so far, we have been creating shelters to protect counting bears from tornadoes, making anemometers, and planning out how to make a 3-D letter in our Makerspace. For our letter planning project, the students said they would look at home to see if they have the following items:

  • Cardboard boxes (think tissue box size)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Colored paper

We are trying to be resourceful, so please don’t worry about buying any of these items. We already have some of each item at the school, but if you also had some at home we will accept the donation.


I also have a few notes to our parents about this week and next. We are finishing up our standardized testing (MAP) testing this week, with results to be sent out at a later day. On Wednesday, we are having 3 separate tests, so prepare for some tired students! Our day will start with a religion test, followed by a whole-group English/Reading and Spelling test, with a Math test after lunch.

Please note, we will not always have our Reading/English test whole group, but since our reading series is new and we are all (myself included) adjusting to the new rigor it requires, we will be working on this test together. It will be entered in the Gradebook, but it will be worth fewer points than tests that the students will eventually take individually. As always, I am happy to answer questions via phone or e-mail. God Bless!

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