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Our First Flex Friday of 2020!

We were so excited to experience our first Flex Friday of 2020! We were definitely missing this time and spent it working on some amazing things! One of the things we did was making “bone bridges” as a class.


We also have been getting into the spirit of things by making some spooky stories with some artwork to go along with it. We are very proud of the work we’ve done!



Second Grade Happenings

What exciting times we’ve been having with Ms. Werner! In religion, we spent time talking about how we are made in God’s image. We made hearts that showed the ways that we are like God.

In Social Studies, we started talking about different cultures. Together we started making a culture wall talking about things that make up our own cultures. 




Finally, we have really been getting into the Halloween spirit here at Saint Joe’s. In Art class, we painted pumpkins to show off! We are LOVING this fall weather and all that comes with it.

Welcome to the newest Trojan!

We are so thankful and blessed Jonah Michael to the Hunker family!


Born on September 20th, we are so happy that he has finally arrived safe and sound. Mom and baby are doing find and enjoying some time together before coming back to school. I am thinking of you all and I can’t wait to get to introduce you to Jonah!



Another Amazing Week!

This week at school we are really starting to get back into the groove of learning. I am SO PROUD of all the hard work you all have done so far! Our at home learners have been logging on every day to watch our class live stream and completing their online lessons. I know it takes a lot of dedication, and you are CRUSHING IT!


I am also so proud of our in class learners. After a week of relearning routines, you have hit your groove and are acting like you never left! Way to show off your growth mindsets!


This week we are working on our MAP testing. We did our first one with our in-class and distance learners on Wednesday. I could not believe how well it went! Even with a few technological issues, everyone was so patient and receptive. I could not have asked for a better experience.




I am so happy to be teaching you all again! I have missed you dearly over our extended break!


Even though school may look different now, we are doing amazing here in second grade! This first week (what we have done so far), has been filled with learning routines, but also with some really fun activities! Two of our favorites so far have had to be math and science. We had to try and use our observation skills as scientists to discover what was in some “mystery boxes” without opening them. In math, we polled about our favorite pizza, made a graph, did some equations, and finally made a pizza glyph (the eyes, shoes, and mouth correspond with our answers in the poll).
We have loved live-streaming with our distance learners; class would not be the same if we didn’t get to see you in real time! We cannot WAIT to see what awesome things this school year will bring us!


Officially Summer!



I am so proud of all of my students for making it through Distance Learning this Spring and making it to “official” summer break! You did hard things, you worked through and persevered, and you PROVED that you have a Growth Mindset! 


I know that the fall seems a little scary right now; we don’t know what school will look like and we all miss each other very much. Remember what Jesus said at the Last Supper: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me.” (John 14:1). We are planning and preparing for whatever the Fall may bring us and are hopefully waiting to hear that you will be back with us again.


In the meantime, use this summer to enjoy time relaxing, praying, and being with family. I know a lot of parents have been asking me for resources for over the summer. I have listed them under the “resources” tab on this page, and I have also sent out an email listing these resources.


This year has looked NOTHING like I had planned for us, but God’s plans are bigger and better than anything we could even imagine. I have loved being your teacher, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will accomplish next year and beyond. You all are amazing, intelligent, and wonderfully made!


With much love,

Mrs. Hunker

Last Day of Instructional Videos!

I will try to keep my message brief today because I know a lot of information is going out this week as far as the end of the year is going.
Today is the NASA space launch! NASA and SpaceX launch managers on Monday gave a “go” for the Demo-2 mission, the first launch of astronauts on an American rocket from American soil since the last space shuttle mission in 2011. “This is a unique moment where all of America can take a moment and look at our country do something stunning again,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a press briefing on Tuesday. Launch of the mission, dubbed Launch America, is scheduled for 4:33 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 27. You can watch it here at
Today’s Special is STEM and it’s all about launching a rocket! See your attached sheet in your packets for more information.
Today’s Spirit Activity is Flip Flop Day! 
Tomorrow’s Spirit Activity is to thank someone (in person, card, email, etc.) that has helped you on your distance learning journey.
Slideshow– For those that were in our Google Meet yesterday, I made a very short slideshow with some pictures of the memories we made in second grade this year. You can see the slideshow by clicking here.
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video
Enjoy your last day of learning everyone! I will miss you dearly next year. Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Second to last day?!

The countdown has officially begun! You are just a few short assignments away from finishing distance learning and moving into summer! Watch your emails for the next few days about how to turn in work, get things from the classroom, and turn in materials. Updates will be coming from Mrs. Makruski with any additional details from me. If you have questions at any point during these last few weeks, I am still here for you and happy to answer them.
Today’s special is Music! Watch the video and sing along that God is always with us!
Today’s spirit activity is USA day! Show off your patriotic spirits!
Our last second grade google meet is tonight at 7! Click the links in your emails to join and be ready to tell me about your favorite memories from second grade! 
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video

Video Lessons 5.21

I hope you all got to enjoy being outside a little bit yesterday since it FINALLY stopped raining! Today looks like another cloudy but beautiful day, so make sure you don’t spend all day at your computer doing work for me! Get out there and enjoy the day!
Today’s special is Art. See details attached to your packets for more details.
Today’s Spirit Activity is “Summer Dreams!”. See your packets for more details.
Tonight I am hosting a Google Meet at 6 pm! Make sure to bring paper, a pencil/pen, and maybe some crayons. We are going to do some guided drawing together. 
Your “Blessed” video for today (Session 5 Episode 6) can be found here.
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video

Videos for 5/20

Keep on powering through! I am so proud of all the things you are doing! You all are so amazing and I wouldn’t want to try and tackle this with any other class!
Today’s Special Class is PE. Watch the video to try some of these instant activities!
Today’s Spirit Activity is “We are Hopeful!”. Send us a quote, picture, idea, etc. that gives you hope!
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video
Click to play the Video