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Author Visit

What an exciting time we have been having in second grade! We have been doing some awesome centers we have been doing practicing contractions, various math concepts with the teacher, working with magnets, and building with the STEM bins.


In addition to these awesome centers, we had an author come to visit to help our students with their PBL of trying to create our own children’s books that show more diversity. Amanda Bibbo let us know about her journey through writing a children’s book and then took the time to answer questions we had about how we write our own books. We ended our meeting with Mrs. Bibbo feeling invigorated and ready to keep working on our diverse books project!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Getting ready for First Reconciliation







The time is upon us! It’s finally here! As the students eagerly awaited making their First Reconciliation, they couldn’t help but be a little nervous for this step in their faith journey. In order to help calm some of those concerns, we printed off the steps to First Reconciliation and had the students practice what the process would be like. While no student was asked to confess their true sins to a peer, they were more than happy to create fake sins to “confess” to the “priest”. This gave each student a chance to walk through the process as both the priest and the penitent and the silliness of our fake sins helped relieve some tension as well. Always a crowd favorite, I am sure we will revisit this role playing the next time we go to confession as a whole school.






Thanksgiving Antics

The students sure seemed to have a blast preparing for Thanksgiving with our Turkey Traps we made! In small groups, we practiced creating a way to trap our “turkey” to cook up on the big day. With innovative ideas like cages, bait, and holes to fall into, it is hard NOT to be proud of all the hard work they put into second grade!




Veteran’s Day


Thank you Veterans, for all your service!

Experiments Galore









This past Flex Day, our students got to put into practice all that we’ve been learning about the scientific process. Together we made a plan, made a hypothesis, and tested our theory. We tested out how salt added to water affects the amount of time it takes an ice cube to melt. The students loved testing their hypotheses and discussing why we thought we got our different results. We can’t wait for our next Flex Day to practice more STEM challenges and experiments.




This is Halloween!

The weather outside may be cold and windy, but our brains are heating up here in second grade! In addition to our AWESOME orange and black dress down, the students worked on some tricky brain-teasers in honor of this holiday! We worked in groups on picture Sudokus, and even though they were challenging we didn’t give up! Keep working on that growth mindset boys and girls!

















Shrine Trip

Thank you second grade class and parents for making this year’s visit to The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue so fantastic! The class was so awesome to watch and I didn’t have to worry about anyone during this whole day trip. I am so blessed to have you as a class! The students loved walking the grounds to see the grottos, saint statues, and stations of the cross. I think most of us would say our highlight was getting to see the Relic of the Cross of Jesus up close though! Thank you again and again for making this year’s trip to the Shrine the best one yet!


Quarter’s End

My goodness has this first quarter of school has gone by quickly! We have definitely been keeping busy. During our Flex Days, we have been working in small groups to try and improve our critical thinking skills. In our small groups, we have done logic puzzles using snap cubes, pattern blocks, and algebra with math symbols. Our favorite center by far has to be the snap circuits that we have been exploring. We can’t wait to continue these centers to stretch our learning!



On Spirit Day, we got to work on some carry over from STEM lab called “Collaborative Drawings”. The students had to work together to create drawings that centered around the tools that scientists need to use. Mrs. Eads and I were so impressed at how easily the students worked together during this project. The scientists turned out amazing! We also spent part of Spirit Day taking kooky pictures together¬† in a photo booth that the older grades made for us. The backdrop and props were great fun to pose with our friends and show our pride for Saint Joseph Parish School.








Finally, now that we have received our new science series, we are learning all about the tools that scientists use and all about the processes required of scientists and experiments. Recently, we got to practice thinking scientifically by having 6 “mystery boxes” where we had to deduce what items were in each box based on the sounds the objects made inside the box. While our classroom may have seemed a little crazy and loud during this time, the amount of learning happening was astronomical. Keep it up second grade!

Flex Success!

Welcome to another full week of school! We are really starting to get into our routines and I am so excited to teach a class that is so excited to learn! Our first Flex Friday was last week, and we kicked it off with a STEM challenge to try and design, create, (and for some of us, redesign) kites that could actually fly! God blessed us with a nice windy afternoon, so we had the perfect weather to test out our creations. While I was impressed with the students’ designs and builds, I was most impressed with their reflection after the build. Almost every student had a way that they would want to improve their creation and talked about implementing those changes over the weekend. It was so #stemmy!

Today is also our first day of really delving into our reading series and our social studies series! Up until now, we have been reviewing first grade skills and practicing routines. I am so happy with how hard the students are working so far! Please note that our weekly reading and spelling tests are beginning now, with our tests almost always given on a Day 5, even when Day 5 falls on a Monday. I just know your students are going to continue to excel as we start to really jump into our second grade content.