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Missing Mass and Continuing our Lenten Journey

Happy Fourth Sunday of Lent!


I know that this Sunday for our family felt so strange-we are definitely missing our daily routine of going to Mass to celebrate together. We did get to “virtually” attend Mass today though, complements of live streaming. There are lots of parishes that are now streaming Mass online or posting on YouTube- the one we watched today was Saint Ambrose in Brunswick. I know they have Mass again at 12 and 5 today, so you can watch with your family as well by going to and following along. We even said a prayer to receive spiritual communion since we can’t physically receive the Eucharist during this time. I hope you are able to find a Mass time that works for your family today.


In class, we had been trying to do daily Lenten Challenges, (under the three categories of Serve, Fast, and Pray), and I figured these didn’t have to stop just because we are at home! Here are our challenges for this upcoming week.


  • March 22nd- Serve:Forgive today. Be the first to forgive.
  •  March 23rd- Fast: Eat only simply-prepared foods today, nothing heated or cooked.
  • March 24th- Pray: Pray that you are able to be the best version of you possible-one who cares, shares, and loves.
  • March 25th- Fast: Refrain from eating sweet foods today.
  • March 26th- Serve: Take extra care of your pets today. If you don’t have pets, feed the birds in your yard.
  • March 27th- Pray: Pray to your Guardian Angel. (Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love, Commits me here, ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.)
  • March 28th- Fast: Spend 15 minutes of your day sitting silently.

Three Week Break

Hello parents! What a world we live in!

I have some resources that I thought you might like during these next few weeks of social distancing that your students can use when they want to go online that are also learning-related.

  • Wonders online: this is a great way to look at what our reading program WOULD be covering if we were in school right now. You can access it by going to and using your student’s login information (found in the Wednesday folder we sent home on Friday).
  • Edmentum: This resource is tailored to help your student with what they are ready to learn RIGHT NOW in Language, Reading and Math regardless of whether it is at, above, or below grade level. You can access Edmentum by going to, clicking on their name, and entering their passcode (sent home in the Wednesday folder we sent home on Friday).
  • Xtramath: This is an app you can download for free on your tablet, or go to, click sign in, clicking on “Student”, typing my email (, typing their name, and their 4 digit pin. If you need your child’s 4 digit pin, please email me and I will send it to you.
  • Pearson: This will allow the student to access their math resources and science resources. There are games, videos, and additional practice pages your child can explore. You can access this resource by going to, clicking “sign in”, and entering your child’s username and password (sent home in the Wednesday folder we sent home on Friday).
  • Finally, for students that had Mrs. Thompson last year, they can access books on Epic to read by going to, selecting Mrs. Thompson as their teacher, entering class code ZVL1475 and then finding their name. Hopefully, I can use this time out of work to fix my own epic account to have ALL my students have access to this resource.

Water Cycle Experience

While we were learning about the water cycle in science, we realized that the circular model of the water cycle is not really accurate. Instead, we practiced “being” part of the water cycle and made bracelets to show our journey. Each bracelet starts with a yellow bead to show that the sun powers the water cycle. The rest of the colors mean the following:

  • Grey= Soil
  • White= Clouds
  • Green= Plants
  • Dark Blue = Lake
  • Purple = Ocean
  • Pink= Glacier
  • Black= Animal
  • Brown= Ground Water
  • Light Blue= River

If you get a chance, look at your child’s bracelet with them and discover where the water cycle took them!


Author Visit

What an exciting time we have been having in second grade! We have been doing some awesome centers we have been doing practicing contractions, various math concepts with the teacher, working with magnets, and building with the STEM bins.


In addition to these awesome centers, we had an author come to visit to help our students with their PBL of trying to create our own children’s books that show more diversity. Amanda Bibbo let us know about her journey through writing a children’s book and then took the time to answer questions we had about how we write our own books. We ended our meeting with Mrs. Bibbo feeling invigorated and ready to keep working on our diverse books project!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Getting ready for First Reconciliation







The time is upon us! It’s finally here! As the students eagerly awaited making their First Reconciliation, they couldn’t help but be a little nervous for this step in their faith journey. In order to help calm some of those concerns, we printed off the steps to First Reconciliation and had the students practice what the process would be like. While no student was asked to confess their true sins to a peer, they were more than happy to create fake sins to “confess” to the “priest”. This gave each student a chance to walk through the process as both the priest and the penitent and the silliness of our fake sins helped relieve some tension as well. Always a crowd favorite, I am sure we will revisit this role playing the next time we go to confession as a whole school.






Thanksgiving Antics

The students sure seemed to have a blast preparing for Thanksgiving with our Turkey Traps we made! In small groups, we practiced creating a way to trap our “turkey” to cook up on the big day. With innovative ideas like cages, bait, and holes to fall into, it is hard NOT to be proud of all the hard work they put into second grade!




Veteran’s Day


Thank you Veterans, for all your service!

Experiments Galore









This past Flex Day, our students got to put into practice all that we’ve been learning about the scientific process. Together we made a plan, made a hypothesis, and tested our theory. We tested out how salt added to water affects the amount of time it takes an ice cube to melt. The students loved testing their hypotheses and discussing why we thought we got our different results. We can’t wait for our next Flex Day to practice more STEM challenges and experiments.




This is Halloween!

The weather outside may be cold and windy, but our brains are heating up here in second grade! In addition to our AWESOME orange and black dress down, the students worked on some tricky brain-teasers in honor of this holiday! We worked in groups on picture Sudokus, and even though they were challenging we didn’t give up! Keep working on that growth mindset boys and girls!