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Flex Success!

Welcome to another full week of school! We are really starting to get into our routines and I am so excited to teach a class that is so excited to learn! Our first Flex Friday was last week, and we kicked it off with a STEM challenge to try and design, create, (and for some of us, redesign) kites that could actually fly! God blessed us with a nice windy afternoon, so we had the perfect weather to test out our creations. While I was impressed with the students’ designs and builds, I was most impressed with their reflection after the build. Almost every student had a way that they would want to improve their creation and talked about implementing those changes over the weekend. It was so #stemmy!

Today is also our first day of really delving into our reading series and our social studies series! Up until now, we have been reviewing first grade skills and practicing routines. I am so happy with how hard the students are working so far! Please note that our weekly reading and spelling tests are beginning now, with our tests almost always given on a Day 5, even when Day 5 falls on a Monday. I just know your students are going to continue to excel as we start to really jump into our second grade content.


Jumping In

The second grade is not messing around with learning! Despite being so early into the year, the students are whizzing through lessons and showing off their intellectual prowess!  This is really impressive, especially since we are in a 4 day week and are devoting time to MAP testing as well. Although the MAP test no longer reads to us, the students have had a great time using their “toobaloos” to read to themselves during the test and stay focused. I am so impressed with their resilience so far in this new testing environment!

As a few housekeeping notes, many parents have been asking when their students will be making their Sacraments this year. First Reconciliation will be on December 14th at 1 pm, location to be determined. First Communion will be on May 2nd, time and location also to be determined. I will make sure to send home any other important information as it comes in.

Keep on keeping on!


I hope you all are as excited for a new school year as I am! The students seem very excited to be back in school for the 2019-2020 school year and getting back into the swing of things! This website is a great place to look at pictures and updates about what we are doing in our classroom.

Although the first few days have really bogged us down with policies and procedures, the students have started working on a few really cool activities. In religion, we talked about the Holy Trinity, and started learning about different symbols for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The hallway is now decorated with some of their favorite symbols for this Holy Mystery.

Even more exciting was starting our math book today! The students stressed how much they love math, and got to spend a little time after the lesson doing fluency practice on the iPads. I have never seen a class more focused than this group as they raced to “beat the teacher”!

As a little side note- please make sure your student rests up these next few weeks of school, as our standardized testing runs from September 3rd to the 13th. We are really jumping into this year full force!