Mrs. Ellen Hunker


Teacher: Mrs. Ellen Hunker
6 years experience
B.S.  in Early Childhood Education
Co-Chair of K-Kids

Grade: Second
Voicemail: 988-4244 ext. 312




Welcome to second grade! I am so excited to help our St. Josephs students grow in knowledge and faith in this fast and fun year. This year, we try to focus on reading comprehension and being able to make more abstract connections to our reading and language skills, such as figurative speech. This is also a huge year for math as we set up our critical thinking skills and the basis for multiplication in third grade.

Religion-In addition to our normal studies in the Catholic faith and practices, this is also a huge sacramental year! In the fall, we make our First Reconciliation, where we can experience God’s grace and unending mercy. In the Spring, we celebrate in our First Holy Communion, knowing that the in-class preparation is setting us up to celebrate in these Sacraments for the rest of our lives.

LANGUAGE ARTS (ELA)-This year, we focus heavily on the writing process including a heavy focus on aspects of grammar and sentence structure. For reading, we focus on making inferences based on the selection as well as basic recall, comparing texts, making connections to our lives, and identifying main idea and key details.

MATH- A big part of second grade math is memorizing our basic addition facts so that we can put all our deep thinking into doing addition and subtraction problems with regrouping. Grade two also does two large units on time and money.

SOCIAL STUDIES– Grade two focuses on looking at the past, seeing how things have changed, exploring concepts like changes in science and technology, and using resources such as timelines to help us see how the world around us has changed.

SCIENCE-Grade two focuses a lot on the physical sciences, exploring force, motion, and life cycles as well as earth and space sciences such as weather, air, and the atmosphere. By far, the students’ favorite unit each year is on dinosaurs. Now that we’ve had practice being scientists, we get the opportunity to conduct far more hands-on, independent experiments than ever before, especially on our FLEX days and in our STEM lab on Day 5.

God Bless!