Website Wednesday!!!

Happy middle of the week!!!


This week has gone by very fast. As our day cycle restarts itself tomorrow, I will have all of my classes on the same page!

Health classes are transitioning between topics right now. We are starting to get into stress and stress management, while learning how to appreciate each other’s different personality traits. Next week, I will be assigning topics for our first small project. We will be creating awareness posters for a variety of different subject areas that we have covered and will cover in unit 1.


In gym, classes are either playing “Cone-bee” or “Matball”. Conebee consists of different colored teams trying to knock frisbees off of cones using snakeskin balls. Matball is a lot like kickball, except there are 4 bases made of mats. Both games test strategy and use a lot of throwing skills. The classes seem to be enjoying these games very much, and are doing a great job adapting to modified rules when given.




Quote of the Week: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Happy Wednesday!

Happy middle of the week!!

Today is day 1, which mean classes will be changing activities again!

In health class, grade 4 is finishing up the first unit already since I only see them for 1 quarter! Things are moving along smoothly, which is helping me move along quickly. The class is doing a great job participating in class and adding relevant input and discussion.


For grades 5-8, we are going to start our poster project to encompass all the things we have learned and will continue learning in unit 1. I’m excited to see the students put their creative minds to use! This project will be graded. They will have some time in class to work on the project but a portion of it will most likely have to be done at home or during other free time.


In gym class, we are still covering balance and strategy. Corner bowling was a huge hit, but this week we’re switching gears. We will be playing “Battleship”! Students will have to make an educated guess as to where the other teams “ships” are, and try to throw balls over mats to knock them down. This is a new game for me, so I’m excited to involve them and allow them to help me modify it.


***Coming up the week of September 23rd-September 27th- Bring your parents to PE week! I’m so excited to welcome you all into our class and spend some time together! This week, I will be talking to the students trying to decide what games to play. More information will be coming out regarding planning, however I just wanted to give a heads up to mark your calendars for your students gym time!***


Have a great rest of the week!


Miss Lopez

Happy Monday!

Last week went by so quick! It was filled with fun games and interesting topics.

In gym, classes played variations of a game called “corner bowling”. In this game, they are teamed up with classmates trying to knock down the other team’s bowling pins. There are quite a few rules, and the kids did a great job adapting and strategizing.


In health, we are starting to dive into sensitive topics pretty early. This first unit is dedicated to drugs, alcohol and psychological health and abuse issues. Students are reminded at the beginning of each class that these topics, while they may not be sensitive to the individual, can be sensitive to others in the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate but only when they feel comfortable. Students are also encouraged to only discuss these topics while in health class or at home, and not at recess or other social times. So far, all classes have done a great job keeping side conversations to a minimum and really taking these topics serious.


I’m looking forward to another great week!



Quote of the Week:

“Just because things could’ve been different, doesn’t mean they’d be better.”


Happy Wednesday, everyone!


So far, the first week of school is going great. I’m really enjoying getting to know the students. In health, “Name BINGO” has been a huge hit, and also a huge help to me while learning names.

This week’s topic in Gym is balance. Younger students are learning different hopscotch courses while the older students are playing a game called “hula hoop rock, paper, scissors”. We even learned a different variation of rock, paper, scissors called “bear, hunter, princess”, and put that to good use as well!

Have a good rest of the week!


Quote of the week:

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.”



Miss Lopez

Hello everyone,


I’d like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Onyx Lopez and I am the Physical Education and Health teacher. I am very excited to meet all of you and learn more about the uniqueness of this school!


Can’t wait to see you soon!



Miss Lopez