Change of Plans

Hi parents and students!

This next 3 weeks is going to be very hectic. There is going to be a lot of learning on the fly, troubleshooting and honestly, who knows what else. I encourage you all to stay safe but also calm as we navigate this journey together as not only a school, but also a family. 

I realize that gym and health are only specials classes, but a lot of students look forward to these two classes each week. With that being said, I wanted to make sure I put out an idea of what our class schedule would have looked like if we were to be in school. I will also attach links to different websites that are good resources for us to use throughout this time.




My challenge to you all (k-8) throughout this time is to be creative. Get outside in your backyard and M O V E. Create your own games, play with your neighbors, play with your siblings, etc. Do not sit around for 3 weeks playing video games and eating snacks 😉 


In gym class, k-2 would have been venturing into our bowling unit. With that being said, watch some youtube videos on bowling, explore the way the scoring works, learn the terms that go along with it, and maybe set up your own form of a ball and pins in a long hallway or in a safe area approved by parents. 


3-8 would have been continuing our volleyball unit. This was a huge hit among the classes, so I do plan on continuing this unit when we return. However, you can still practice your skills at home. Learn more about serving techniques, practice your hitting footwork, work on your jumping ability, work on hand-eye coordination, learn about scoring and different types of volleyball that can be played, etc. 


Left handed hitters- right, left, right (footwork)

Right handed hitter- left, right, left (footwork)


There is a lot you can do throughout this next couple of weeks. My most pressing suggestion is to just be active. In any way possible. 




Grades 5-8 are going to begin project based classes that are going to be less stressful throughout the 4th quarter because I feel as if this will be a great way to end the school year. With that being said there isn’t much to send home. My challenge to students is to watch a movie or documentary on a social justice issue or topic. 


When we return, students will still be watching the movies that I have picked out for them, so please do not watch any of the following:


5th grade- Simon Birch

6th grade- Stand and Deliver

7th grade- Osmosis Jones

8th grade- Hidden Figures


If you would please save the above movies for class, I would greatly appreciate it. 


FIRST GRADE- We would be staring our first health class throughout this time, however with the chaos, we are just going to begin when we return to school. We technically would only be missing one class, and we will find a way to makeup that time when we return.




If we end up being out of school for longer than 3 weeks, this is subject to change. I will be sure to reach out if changes occur.








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