HI ALL!!!!


It’s my pleasure to welcome you back to yet another amazing school year here at St. Joe’s. I am very excited to get this year started as it seems like so long ago that I got to see all your friendly faces.


This year is going to be just as fun as last year, but with a couple of twists as I’m sure you can imagine with all the guidelines and protocols- but I’m positive that we can make it happen 🙂


Below is a list of all gym days. Remember, pods A +B and pods C + D travel to specials together. On your designated day, you should wear your gym clothes to school!


So, for example- if you are a 6th grader in pod D, you would have gym on Day 4, and should wear your gym clothes to school that day.


7th graders are all one pod therefore- 7th grade gym day is always day 3 for ALL 7th graders. 



This is going to take a little while to get used to but as long as we have a positive mindset, we can figure it out!!!

kindergarten DAY 5 DAY 4
1st grade DAY 3 DAY 2
2nd grade DAY 5 DAY 4
3rd grade DAY 3 DAY 2
4th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
5th grade DAY 3 DAY 2
6th grade DAY 5 DAY 4
7th grade All wear gym clothes DAY 3
8th grade DAY 2 DAY 1


please reach out to me if you have any questions!!!!



looking forward to our first week! see you soon!

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